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June 2020

The Dubai Environmental Virtual Environment Exhibition by Art4you Gallery

The Dubai Environmental Virtual Environment Exhibition

 and Dubai Municipality was impressed by all!!!

The Virtual Environment Show was organized under the aegis of Dubai. The exhibition shed light on the environmental efforts that have taken place since the beginning of the Corona virus crisis. This will help improve the ecosystem functioning of municipalities and environmental organizations around the world focusing on biodiversity.

This will help UAE residents, along with the rest of the world, to view paintings by 15 international artists at the Virtual Environment Exhibition in collaboration with Art4U Gallery.

The Dubai Municipality Exhibition was organized as a continuation of the world celebrated environmental program. The Virtual Tour is aimed at raising awareness for the protection of the environment and biodiversity in communities around the world.

The event included a virtual tour of 60 paintings featuring wildlife and plants, highlighting the importance of continuing to interact with nature. Virtual tours are available throughout the day for community members of all ages to see clearly and accurately.

Whatever the nature and extent of the current challenges, the Dubai Municipality has repeatedly reaffirmed its commitment to the environment and nature of the emirate.

The Municipality called on the public to understand the importance of continuing to communicate with nature, as this experience takes them on a virtual tour of 60 paintings that express the local and global nature and embody pictures of wildlife and plants. This virtual tour, which is available to members of the society of all ages, will contribute to seeing all artworks clearly and accurately, as entry to the exhibition page is available throughout the day.

Dubai Municipality specializes in promoting and developing activities to protect various ecological areas such as air, water and soil from pollution and erosion.

This is a continuation of the municipality’s successful implementation of environmental initiatives and strategic initiatives to ensure the quality of the air and ensure the happiness of the residents, residents and visitors of Dubai.

Participating artists from 16 Nationalities are; Anjali Babu – Oman; Aleksandra Ogórkiewicz – Poland; Chitra Sudhakaran-India; Felsa Marie T. Hortiza – Barut – Philippines; Gwyneth Rasquinha Gwynraedesign– India; Nada Al Barazi- Lebanon; Pari Sagar– India; Peter Farrington – Canada; Mauricio Mayorga Zamora- Colombia; Mankush Sethi Srivastava– India; Megha Manjarekar– India;  Hafsa Rasool – Pakistan; Jesno Rengi – India; Kavita Sriram– India;  Roa Al Madani- UAE; Rachel John – India;Renu Shivam– India; Soumaya Askri– Tunisia; Anupam Sharma– India; Corry MacDonald– Canada; Shaji Kundathil – India; Soni Budhia- Oman; Supriya Singh Baghel – India; Swatee Jawale– India;  Rishu Gosain Roy– India; Belen Quirogo- Ecuador; Varsha Saju Nair – India; Sunita Vasanth – India; Shobha Iyer – India; Parul Sosa– India;  Rashmi Dauria- Oman; Ranjisha Raghavan – India; Varsha Sureka– India;  Yoshita Ahmed – Srilanka; Veena Devagiri– India; Victoria Valuk – Belarus; Yasmin Naeem – Saudi; Mohamed Wadood- Srilanka; Indra Kronberga – Australia .

ART4You Gallery is inviting you all to the launch of Virtual Art Exhibition – “Mother Nature” for the World Environmental Day
5th June 2020.

Curated by Jesno Jackson
Organised by ART4You Gallery and Dubai Municipality.
Founders of Art4you Gallery – Rengi Cherian & Jesno Rengi

Topic: Biodiversity/Nature
Participants – 40 Artists
Nationalities – 15
Art on display – 65 artworks
Time: June 5th, 2020 3:00 PM Dubai onwards

Note: If requested, Please download the app(for mobile users)
Login as Guest.

If anyone facing difficulties in watching it or unsupported file; you have alternate gallery views ;
1. Download the app for mobile android or ios, After downloading the app, go back to the link and enjoy the virtual experience.
2. You also have option to search the exhibition as “Mother Nature by Art4you Gallery” in the event listed in the exhibitions.

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