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August 8, 2022

Dubai New Style

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BenQ Ranked No.1 4K Projector Brand for 9 Consecutive Quarters

BenQ Ranked No.1 4K Projector Brand for 9 Consecutive Quarters in Asia Pacific, Middles East and Africa in Q1 2020

BenQ 4K Projectors Bring Ultimate Gaming, Movie Enjoyment while Staying at Home

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 18th June 2020 – BenQ, the most popular 4K projector brand, ranked No.1 market share for 9 consecutive quarters in Asia Pacific region. BenQ not only achieved 36.83% SoM in the 4K projector segment for Asia Pacific, their market share in the UAE, and KSA regions in Q1 2020 was 38.4% and 67.8% respectively. Market Share for the rest of the Middle East has been 87.5% whereas the overall Middle East share stood at 37.8% during this period for BenQ’s 4K projectors. In the countries Australia, Japan, India, Saudi Arabic, United Arab Emirates also ranked No.1 in the 4K projector segment during the same period.

As things move towards a new normal and people spend more time at home, the urge for entertainment at home is booming, especially on a big screen. BenQ presents its 4K home projector lineup, which fulfills all kinds home entertainment needs, including the demand of color accuracy in movies, brightness performance, the flexibility for different rooms, and connectivity with Consoles like Switch, Play Station and more.

For 4K Console Gaming and Streaming in Brightly-lit rooms

TK850 and TK800M with true 4K UHD 8.3 million pixels resolution, HDR technology, 3000 lumens high brightness, specialized Game sound, a Sports audiovisual mode and 96%-98% coverage of Rec. 709 color gamut, bring home an immersive console gaming and ultimate streaming experience. Furthermore, its vertical lens shift, 1.1X-1.3X zoom make installation more flexible and fit in any room.

TK850 4K HDR-PRO Projector TK800M 4K HDR projector

l   4K UHD with 8.3 million pixels

l   3000 Lumens High Brightness

l   Vivid Colors (achieving 98% Rec.709)

l   HDR-PRO™ with Dynamic Iris for deeper black and more detail

l   Dedicated Sports audiovisual and Game sound mode

l   Short throw projection 2.5m@100”

l   4K UHD with 8.3 million pixels

l   3000 Lumens High Brightness

l   Vivid Colors (achieving 96% Rec.709)

l   Projector-optimized HDR10 / HLG

l   Dedicated Modes for Football & Sports Enjoyment for Sports Fans as well as Game sound mode for console gamers

l   Projection 3.32m@100”

For Quality 4K Home Cinema in Living room /AV room

W5700 and W2700 blend real 4K resolution leveraging BenQ-exclusive CinematicColor™ technology with the digital cinema industry’s lofty DCI-P3 color standard, framing the ideal setting to view the latest 4K Blu-rays in glorious authentic colors as envisioned by filmmakers. The HDR-PRO technology incorporates auto color and tone mapping techniques to offer superior brightness and contrast ranges as well as ideal image optimization. Furthermore, W5700 provides a generous 1.6X big zoom and 2D H/V lens shift, which are ideal for dedicated AV rooms. Smartly equipped for living rooms, W2700 features 1.3X big zoom, vertical lens shift, as well as CinemaMaster Audio+ 2 for powerful and convenient integrated audio.

W2700 4K HDR Home Cinema Projector for both living room and AV room W5700 4K HDR Home Cinema Projector for AV room

l   4K UHD with 8.3 million pixels

l   95%DCI-P3/Rec.709 Cinematic color

l   Projector-optimized HDR10 / HLG

l   Short throw projection 2.5m@100”

l   4K UHD with 8.3 million pixels

l   100% DCI-P3/Rec.709 Cinematic color

l   Projector-optimized HDR10 / HLG

l   Projection 3m@100”

For Full HD Console Gaming in Well-lit environments

TH585 is supercharged with 16ms low input lag for thrilling video games. Stunning 1080P graphics, 95% Rec.709 vivid color and 3500 lumens of ultra-brightness deliver intense action on big screens, even in daylight. The excusive Game mode of TH585 fine-tunes images, enhancing dark scenes with greater clarity and precision, which allow you to spot enemies and find every hidden secret in RPGs. In addition, TH585 with the built-in speakers offer you an immersive gaming experience on your big screen at home.

TH585 Low Input Lag Gaming Projector

l   16ms Low Input Lag

l   3500 Lumens High Brightness

l   Full HD 1080P Resolution

l   Exclusive Game Mode for Detailed Visual Effects

l   Projection 3.32m@100”

* The market share data source by FutureSource CY 2020 report, the Asia Pacific region includes Australia, Bangladesh, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Korea, Maghreb, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, Rest Middle East, Rest of Africa, Rest of CIS, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand, Turkey, UAE and Vietnam.

** The market share data source by FutureSource CY 2019 report

About BenQ Corporation

Founded on the corporate vision of “Bringing Enjoyment ‘N’ Quality to Life”, BenQ Corporation is a world-leading human technology and solutions provider aiming to elevate and enrich every aspect of consumers’ lives. To realize this vision, the company focuses on the aspects that matter most to people today – lifestyle, business, healthcare and education – with the hope of providing people with the means to live better, increase efficiency, feel healthier and enhance learning. Such means include a delightful broad portfolio of people-driven products and embedded technologies spanning digital projectors, monitors, interactive large-format displays, audio products, cloud consumer products, mobile communications and lifestyle lighting. Because it matters.

About BenQ Group

The BenQ Group is a $22+ billion powerhouse comprised of nearly 20 independent companies operating in over 30 countries across numerous industries with a combined workforce of over 100,000 employees. Each Group member is a recognized leader in its own field, contributing to the BenQ Group’s vast resources, broad R&D, and distinct strategic strengths. By leveraging each company’s vertical specialization to create true scale across horizontal markets, the BenQ Group controls a highly efficient value chain with the unrivalled ability to deliver critical components and world-class solutions in the following industries: TFT-LCD, green energy, fine chemicals and advanced materials, lighting, IC design, precision components, system integration, branded business, and service. The Group is committed to profitable and sustainable businesses that share its long-standing vision of Bringing Enjoyment ‘N’ Quality to Life.

The BenQ Group companies are: BenQ Corporation, AU Optronics Corporation (world’s top manufacturer of large-size TFT-LCD panels), Qisda Corporation, Darfon Electronics Corporation, BenQ ESCO Corp., BenQ Materials Corp., BenQ Guru Corp., BenQ Medical Center, BenQ Medical Technology Corp., BenQ AB DentCare Corp., Daxin Materials Corp., Dazzo Technology Corp., Darwin Precisions Corp., Lextar Electronics Corp., LILY Medical Corp. and Raydium Semiconductor Corp.

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