January 18, 2022

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Four of the best Father’s Day gift ideas

Finding a gift that will demonstrate your affection and appreciation for your dad on father’s day is a tradition that Samsung is always happy to be a part of. Here, we have curated four high tech products that will certainly bring joy and excitement on this special occasion:

Galaxy S20 series

Comprising 5G capabilities and next-generation AI camera technologies, the Galaxy S20 series has been met with unanimous acclaim from consumers and everyone associated with the smartphone industry. Whether it be the S20, S20+, or S20 Ultra, each device will immediately provide immersive, elevated experiences this Father’s Day. But that’s not all, as the S20 series is also broadening entertainment options – making these devices a perfect gift for Father’s Day. The Galaxy S20 series takes mobile gaming to the next level. With a 120Hz display, users experience incredibly smooth gaming—perfect for gaming on a 5G network. Combined with a fast processor, audio tuned by AKG, and a game booster working in the background to optimize settings for peak performance, the Galaxy S20 series offers a powerful gaming experience. And because of the Galaxy S20’s professional-grade camera, Netflix and Samsung partnered to put the Galaxy S20 in the hands of renown directors to capture exclusive content for Samsung users.



Entertainment is a necessity in life, and an area that promises to be significantly enhanced this Father’s Day. A perfect gift for this special occasion is the QLED 8K TV. The TV’s powerful Quantum Processor 8K utilizes an extensive knowledge database built through millions of learned patterns to set the stage for an immersive viewing experience like no other – meaning fathers can take advantage of the ultimate cinematic experience and enjoy their favorite movies and TV shows from the comfort of their living room. 8K AI upscaling analyzes every scene of content, including the color, data, lighting, and contrast details, to provide exceptional visual quality that fathers would never have thought possible in years gone by. At the same time, outstanding visual effects cannot fulfil their purpose and potential without excellent audio capabilities, and the QLED 8K features speakers on every side of the display and sub-woofers in the back to ensure remarkable sound quality – delivering crisp and clear surround-sound so fathers can watch their favorite sports games with groundbreaking audio and listen to all-time favorite tracks and albums over and over again.

Galaxy Watch Active 2

For all father’s out there determined to improve and maintain their health and fitness, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 is the perfect gift for Father’s Day. Offering guidance and information to help stay healthy, fit, and productive, this innovative device serves as a perfect lifestyle partner from the wrist. A major factor that can hinder productivity is stress – the feeling of emotional or physical tension when facing particular challenges or demands. Galaxy Watch Active 2 cares for both the body and the mind, and the stress tracker monitors stress levels and suggests breathing exercises to keep owners feeling positive and being proactive. Galaxy Watch Active 2 tracks movements while exercising, providing precise readings of heartbeat, calories, and distance during workouts – whether it be running, cycling, swimming, or others.

Galaxy Buds+

A quick and simple avenue to happiness, memories, motivation, and more, music is one of life’s main necessities. Older generations will likely have a multitude of favorite artists and songs from which to choose when deciding what to listen to, each of which should be heard with outstanding, next-generation audio quality. This is precisely why the Galaxy Buds+ are a fantastic Father’s Day gift. Whether traveling, working out, or even relaxing at home, our innovative product enables users to immerse themselves in the playlists and podcasts of their choice. With AKG sound, 2-way dynamic speakers, a 3-mic system for unique sound and voice quality, and a long-lasting battery, Samsung’s first-ever wireless earbuds represent the new and exciting chapter in audio innovation – maximizing experiences and elevating appreciation for music to newfound heights.