June 2020

Peaceful Parenting By Thrive Wellbeing Centre

Peaceful Parenting By Thrive Wellbeing Centre

A Four Week Parenting Course For The World We’re In

  • Saturday, June 27, 2020
    DUBAI, Wednesday 10th June, 2020: Peaceful Parenting is a four-week online course for parents, who would like to receive some guidance on how to help their children adjust to online schooling and transition to summer while keeping their own peace of mind. Both or one parent are welcome to sign up. The course will be delivered in a form of a presentation followed by parenting tips, practical strategies and everyday activities to use with children. Every session will allow time for each parent to receive individual feedback and support with regards to their child.

The course, led by Dr Ola Pykhtina, Thrive’s children and family specialist, will start at 0900am on Saturday 27th June, 2020 and run for four weeks


Week 1: Self-regulation

  • Emotions: what are they?
  • Peaceful parenting: is it a dream?
  • Navigating conflicts
  • Using emotions for effective communication

Week 2: Online schooling and summer transitions

  • Managing demands of online schooling
  • Being a parent or a teacher?
  • Setting priorities
  • Spending summer indoors: options and alternatives

Week 3: Children empowerment

  • Rescuing versus helping
  • Coaching versus controlling
  • Parenting style
  • Discipline and love

Week 4: Behaviour management

  • Research on physical punishment
  • Ignoring or addressing?
  • Child needs
  • Limit setting
  • Power struggle
  • Win-win solutions
  • Alternatives to punishment

Cost: AED 1,600 for four hours per family (up to two parents/primary caregivers)

ABOUT: DR. OLA PYKHTINA: Dr Ola  specializes in working with children and families and got her Ph.D. in Counselling from Newcastle University, UK. Her training as an art and play therapist was conducted through the Canadian Association of Child and Play Therapy, and she uses  Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy, Child-Centred Therapy, Sandtray Therapy, and Jungian Therapy in her work with children, young people and parents .In addition, she has delivered trainings on various programmes including workshops  in Emotional Intelligence, Stress Management, Positive Thinking  and Effective Communication. She has also been involved in delivery of presentation skills and wellbeing courses to a wide spectrum of both public and private sector entities within the UK, Canada, Ukraine and the Middle East.  During the course of her career, she’s held positions as Program Coordinator at the American University in the Emirates, Assistant Professor at Heriot Watt University, researcher at the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, play therapist psychotherapist in the UK and Canada, and a counselling psychologist in Ukraine. Dr Ola’s areas of expertise include play and art therapy, CBT, counselling, positive psychology, and effective communication.

ABOUT THRIVE WELLBEING CENTRE: Thrive was founded in 2018 by Dr Sarah Rasmi. Now a team of 10, they are a group of specialized psychologists who know that mental health is just as important as physical health, and that social relationships are the key to our well-being. Thrive’s mission is to help its clients accomplish their goals, while supporting them in a warm, empathic, and judgment-free way.

Thrive Wellbeing Centre believes in the power of science and evidence-based treatment options and combine the latest research and best practice with client’s values to give them best tools for themselves. In March 2020 Thrive opened the UAE’s first maternal mental health unit.

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