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June 2020

Saba Kombucha Launches New Bubbly Flavor for the Summer

Saba Kombucha Launches New Bubbly Flavor for the Summer

Introducing the new  Berry Booster Kombucha flavor

Saba Kombucha, the first all-natural brewed beverage in the UAE that provides numerous health benefits to the body, is proud to announce the launch of its new flavor- ‘Berry Booster’ Raspberry Kombucha. The new flavor is 100% organic and will kick off Saba Kombucha’s new fruity flavors in response to customer’s demand for more mainstream flavors.

Committed to brewing the best tasting and highest quality kombucha you can buy, Saba Kombucha’s Berry Booster flavor has a fruity yet tangy taste that is filled with vitamins and minerals and antioxidants to boost the immune system. It is also sweetened with all-natural raspberry puree, free from additives and colorings, and has fantastic health benefits for the body.

These health benefits include fighting inflammation, aiding digestion, promoting healthy glowing skin, and boosting energy levels.

“This summer, we wanted to create a refreshing and fruity flavor so we formulated our Kombucha with fresh Raspberries to give it a tangy and sweet taste. The perfect bubbly drink for the summer. As the kombucha category grows and becomes mainstream in this region, introducing flavors like the Raspberry is an integral part of Saba Kombucha, appealing to a wider swath of health-conscious consumers. We will continue rolling out new flavors just as familiar and fun as the Berry Booster!” said Vincent Vandenabeele, founder of Saba Kombucha.

Infused with nutrients that are 100% raw, organic, low in sugar, and unpasteurized, Saba Kombucha also introduces a Summer and Cleanse pack, which includes the new Berry Booster flavor. The Summer pack comprises a pack of six 500ml Raspberry Kombucha bottles priced at AED 169 while the Cleanse pack is a mix of three flavors that comes with; 2 bottles of the Ginger flavor, two bottles of the Peppermint flavor, and two bottles of the Raspberry flavor.

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