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Turner Classic Movies unveils a stellar line-up of modern film Staying home just got livelier:

Turner Classic Movies unveils a stellar line-up of modern film
  • From Thelma and Louise and City Slickers to Babel and Capote: everyone’s favourite blockbusters are coming to the small screen this summer
  • The curated list of modern classics spans diverse genres and includes some of the finest comedy, suspense and romance films made in modern times

Dubai, June 8, 2020: Turner Classic Movies (TCM) has unveiled a slate of modern classics to kick off a sizzling summer on the small screen. Starting June 1, 2020, TCM will be bringing must-watch blockbusters to your home, to brighten up days spent under lockdown.

Being quarantined at home is a good opportunity to watch award-winning films made by Hollywood A listers such as Ridley Scott, Jodie Foster and Paul Verhoeven. TCM’s well curated list of film classics spans several genres – from comedy and romance to action and horror – and is sure to appeal to connoisseurs and film buffs alike. The summer-long celebration of modern classics spans June, July and August.

Darine El Khatib, Senior Director -Creative Strategy & Brand Development – MENA & Turkey at WarnerMedia commented: “It brings us great pleasure to unveil our summer schedule of modern classics on TCM, intended to make some amazing films accessible to a wider audience and entertain everyone who is currently at home during lockdown. Our definition of a classic has broadened to include not just those great films of Hollywood’s Golden Age, but the several films made in modern times that are well on their way to achieving iconic status. The modern classics we will be screening over June and July are not just blockbusters but also an integral part of our popular culture and film lore. We hope that this summer schedule will delight both those who have previously watched and loved these, as well as newer audiences, discovering them for the first time.”

In June, TCM viewers can savor the ultimate road trip film Ridley Scott’s Thelma and Louise, which garnered six Oscar nominations – including for Best Actress for both lead actors, Geena Davis (Thelma) and Susan Sarandon (Louise), and Best Director. Celebrated as a film classic, Thelma and Louise paved the way for more women-centered stories to be made by Hollywood. Also airing in June on TCM is the cult classic The Princess Bride, a fresh and hilarious take on fairy tales, filled with memorable lines that are quoted by fans to this day. Another June film to watch, filled with zingy one-liners is the Billy Crystal-starrer City Slickers – the humour and drama earned it an impressive 88% fresh score on Rotten Tomatoes. Jodie Foster’s directorial debut Little Man Tate is a critically acclaimed story of the struggles faced by a child prodigy.July sees a host of award-winning films drop on TCM. Critically acclaimed Capote won Philip Seymour Hoffman a Best Actor Oscar for his portrayal of writer Truman Capote’s intriguing relationship with a murderer. Often listed as one of the greatest films of this century, Alejandro G. Iñárritu’s Babel, winner of seven Oscar nominations, including for Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Supporting Actress will also be airing in July. Dead Man Walking features splendid performances from Susan Sarandon as a nun comforting a killer on death row, played by Sean Penn. Lovers of psychological thrillers can look forward to TCM screening Identitya fresh spin on the classic whodunit, starring John Cusack, Ray Liotta and Amanda Peet.

Even if you can’t fly away for a summer break this year, TCM is ensuring a worthwhile time spent at home with its selection of everyone’s favorite blockbusters. All movies will have reruns throughout the summer.

Schedule of modern classics airing in June and July on TCM

About TCM

TCM (Turner Classic Movies) is the home of world-renowned movie classics such as Gone with the Wind and Casablanca. The channel has been refreshed and now enjoys a richer programming mix including a great selection of ‘modern classics’, creating a timeless journey for film lovers. TCM is available on Etisalat channel #664 and DU channel #131 in full HD. While it stays true to its brand proposition, offering viewers the greatest classics of all time, TCM has now acquired a new on-screen look, documentaries about movies, and more original and recent iconic movies with great storytelling. The programming now includes titles such as Last of the Mohicans, Snatch, Finding Neverland and Gladiator, alongside Westworld and Ben-Hur, to name a few.

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