June 2020

ECVV.com Safebuy Service Aims to Assist Overseas Buyers to Be Worry-Free While Sourcing Products from China

ECVV.com Safebuy Service Aims to Assist Overseas Buyers to Be Worry-Free While Sourcing Products from China

SHENZHEN, China–(BUSINESS WIRE/AETOSWire)— According to the Taoshu Report, during January-February 2020, many China-based factories were closed due to the Coronavirus epidemic. 30,900 enterprises were closed in Guangdong province alone, accounting for 12.5% of all business closures in China. The amount and range of company closures are likely to continue to rise over the next six months, which increasing the complications for sourcing from China for international buyers.

How can overseas buyers fully understand the conditions of suppliers? How to be safe and worry free to purchase in China? ECVV.com Safebuy service is aimed at helping procurement managers from outside China overcome these three major challenges.

Safebuy service has been committed to providing one-stop sourcing services for global buyers. In view of the bankruptcy risk of some suppliers under the epidemic, ECVV.com conducts dynamic suppliers’ audit, management, and development, arranges specialists to review the manufacturer’s business reliability, production capacity, quality management system, business risks, operating conditions, company organization and production conditions, etc. To ensure that each supplier is reliable, competitive and trustworthy which further reduces the sourcing risk for buyers. After 13 years of accumulation, ECVV.com has more than 1000 available and reliable suppliers for each first-class products category, thereby greatly reducing the risk of supply shortage so that customers can feel at ease to source from China.

ECVV.com Safebuy service has been availed of by more than 3,000 international customers since its launch, from government agencies, manufacturers, wholesale retailers, to service centers.

Some of the ECVV.com Safebuy Service clients are Sri Lanka Lipton Black Tea Company (commissioned ECVV.com to purchase office consumables and gave a high appreciation for the timeliness and safety of the goods delivery), Saudi Arabia Government (authorized ECVV.com to source police equipment products and ECVV.com’s professionalism and product quality was extremely recognized), and Spanish Business Association (purchased disposable face masks). They were very satisfied with the fast delivery and high product quality despite the ongoing epidemic, and shortly ordered other products from ECVV.com.

As the most reliable e-commerce MRO products sourcing platform, ECVV.com will continue to help more companies to save money, save time, and help them be worry-free while sourcing from China.

*Source: AETOSWire

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