December 4, 2021

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NOW COULD BE THE BEST TIME TO INVEST IN FOREIGN REAL ESTATE The Estates of Acqualina Sunny Isles Beach, Florida


DUBAI, UAE. 19 MAY, 2020: ​Our homes have never been more important or appreciated than in recent times.

During this pandemic, most of us have retreated indoors and our homes have served many purposes. They have become a place for shelter, our office, our entertainment space, a restaurant, and even a school and playground for our kids. They have become a ‘safe haven’ from a changing world.

Those who have invested in quality homes can feel the difference of having the security of a comfortable space during these challenging times.

Roxanne Kosberg, a seasoned global realty expert, owner and CEO of ​Cityfirst Realty LLC, a licensed Florida-based b​outique high-end ​real estate company specializing in assisting mostly foreign nationals purchasing or selling multi-million dollar properties, as well as selling houses to some of the world’s richest and most accomplished businessmen and celebrities in the world,​ says: Now might be the time to invest in real estate if you are a cash buyer.”

W​ith a majority of foreign investors from all over the world and now, including but not limited to the Middle East and especially the UAE, Roxanne says all investors with capital security can take advantage of opportunities to buy, sell or lease property in the current market with the potential for great returns.

“In 2019, purchases by Foreign Buyers reached ​71% of the total sales, wherein 11% of the share originates from the Middle East region.

There is a significant ​number of foreign investors coming from the whole Middle East and its neighbouring region such as South Asia, including but not limited to UAE, Qatar, Turkey and India. Most of their investments are ranging from ​US$800,000 – US$40,000,000++ on properties located in the areas of Miami Dade County (Miami, Miami Beach, Surfside, Bal Harbour and Sunny Isles Beach) and Port St Lucie​.” added Roxanne.

As an experienced global real estate agent, Roxanne shares her most useful tips on why you should consider investing in foreign property right now:


Investing in real estate in the USA, especially in Southern Florida, is still the undefeated investment choice among the majority of investors, whether Americans or Foreigners, so it is safe to say that the stability of the real estate industry in the US makes foreign investors from the Middle East region and other parts of the world fee extremely confident to invest.

At Cityfirst Realty, we have stepped up to further reach out with our clients even during the lockdown through virtual tours and through several communication channels.

We attract millionaires and billionaires from the Middle East and from all over the world who purchase the top luxury properties, either for residential or commercial purposes, and we keep them updated about the latest news in the real estate industry.

In recent months, even though the Pandemic hit the global media attention, we have seen a steady influx of interests for property investments from foreign investors from all over the world, including the Middle East. We are extremely optimistic that the coming months are going to be exceptional as the interest from the Middle East region continues to grow.


Because of the instability in the world, sellers may be forced to sell at a huge discount that could even exceed 10% to 30% below price. They say one man’s crisis is another’s opportunity.

At Cityfirst, we adapt to the needs of our clients and we offer an array of options for their real estate investment needs. I believe that there is a perfect property for everyone, through our extensive experience, we guide them to be able to find their perfect investment match.


If you are fortunate enough to have the necessary resources and constantly looking for new ventures to invest, STRIKE while the iron is hot, Cityfirst will help you take advantage of these opportunities while minimizing your risk.

Now is a good time to contact Cityfirst Realty, to get expert and professional advice on getting your dream real estate investment. It is imperative to take advantage of THIS moment when you can scoop multi-million-dollar properties at their best prices.

At Cityfirst Realty LLC, we help clients obtain the best properties, at the best prices. We put them in direct contact with mortgage professionals to procure the best rates and terms for them. We also work with a group of lawyers that specialize in foreign national investors to assist them with further legalization of their purchase and help them structure it so they can maximize their benefits and diminish their risks.

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About Roxanne Kosberg

Roxanne Kosberg was born into a family involved in textiles in Mexico City. Her father and his brothers owned the most important manufacturing facilities of hosiery in Mexico and they also owned a chain of Restaurants.

As a child, Roxanne grew up in a household heavily involved in business and at a very early age, Roxanne approached her father and told him she wanted to be a businesswoman and if he allowed her to be a sales representative for his company. She got the “job” and she started selling hosiery at school – to her schoolmates, their moms and even the teachers. As a very creative child herself, she knew she needed to show the “merchandise” so she decided that “modeling” was the best approach. So everyday Roxanne would go to school wearing a different style and/or color of hosiery to show her merchandise and sell it.

At the age of 18 she started her own business. Roxanne opened a small clothing boutique and personally selected all the merchandise traveling to the United States and Europe and she then imported the clothing into Mexico City. Before reaching 21 years old, she had a very successful boutique operation that had no competition. She stood by the products she sold and her clientele kept growing day by day.

Then, instability came to her country, due to the Government currency imposed devaluation of the currency, Roxanne had to close the store as importing had become impossible due to currency exchange and country restrictions.

It is then when she decided to leave her country of birth and moved to the United States. She selected Miami as her “destination”. She mentioned a strategic location – easier to go to Europe due to connectivity as well as a perfect gateway to other states and the Latin America region.

“The beauty here is all around”. The beaches are white, the water is clear blue and our bay area looks like a Silver Mirror at sunset.

“This is paradise and people have to know about it” – was the phrase that started her real estate career.

After graduating, she started working for another real estate company and after 18 months, she decided to form her own company.

She would travel overseas not only to do a presentation for a home or a condominium, but mostly to transmit to her “audience” (friends and potential clients) her living experiences and the lifestyle of Miami. With this, her audience are becoming more interested to experience such a lifestyle which will eventually turn as a client buying multi-million dollar condos and homes in Miami.

ABOUT Cityfirst Realty LLC

Cityfirst Realty, LLC is an exclusive real estate boutique. Cityfirst is led by its Principal, Roxanne Kosberg. Roxanne is a full time resident of Sunny Isles Beach, Florida. Roxanne is originally from Mexico City with European ancestors.

Cityfirst has over 15 real estate licensed agents in Florida and internationally. Cityfirst handles over $375,000,000 in sales per year.

The Principal’s philosophy is to have only the best of the best. Cityfirst has an exclusive team of experienced, knowledgeable, and talented agents.

Roxanne Kosberg and Cityfirst concentrate on international buyers. Their niche market is premium residential real estate, condominiums and houses at over $1,000,000. We are constantly active with investors from all over the world who seek our advice and expertise to locate properties and secure sites for future development as well as real estate joint ventures and investments principally in Florida, New York, Nevada, The Caribbean, Mexico, Europe and the Middle East.

Starting in the late 1990s, Roxanne Kosberg and Cityfirst have established successful international brokerage liaisons throughout Latin America, Europe and Asia. The global network includes Mexico, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, England, Switzerland, France, Portugal, Spain, Israel, Turkey, UAE and India.

The Principal’s concept is beyond just selling a property to a client. The Principal seeks to establish a relationship with the individual that can be carried forward for years to come with them, their family, and their friends. This motto is always passed on to all Cityfirst agents: “We owe ourselves to our clients…therefore, Clients are always FIRST”.

Our reputation with developers as well as with the domestic and international brokerage community is one of strong, aggressive marketing strategies and straight forward dealings.

Amongst the vast and prominent clients represented by the Principal of Cityfirst Realty are several Forbes 500 individuals, as well as many people from the entertainment industry. But Cityfirst Realty doesn’t do public client endorsements. One of the most important rules followed by the Company is to protect its client’s right to privacy.

Successful sales start with the internationally renowned luxury residential and commercial real estate team at Cityfirst Realty. We are the result of a dynamic team led by real estate powerhouse Roxanne Kosberg. The Company’s large customer base extends around the world. “Cityfirst has buyers,” says Kosberg. “We are experts in developing new markets and Miami satisfies the lifestyles, investment objectives, and desires of our international clientele.” Cityfirst Realty, South Florida luxury residential and commercial listings are handled by a multicultural sales and broker team that speaks nine languages (English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Arabic, Russian, German, Hebrew and Farsi) and offers a full roster of services including sales and marketing, property management, as well as private financing sources. The Company also has strong liaisons with a selected network of specialized professionals, from attorneys who specialize in dealing with foreign clients, accountants, architects, interior designers, private banking, etc. Cityfirst Realty’s goal is to sell clients real estate providing access to a selected network of specialized professionals who protect the clients’ interests for today and years to come.

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