May 2020

Syrian and Pakistani nationals share AED 1 million Emirates Loto prize Two lucky Dubai residents win a life-changing amount in last week’s draw

Syrian and Pakistani nationals share AED 1 million Emirates Loto prize

Two UAE residents from Syria and Pakistan each took AED 500,000 home after matching five out of six numbers in last week’s draw, sharing the AED 1 million prize.

Rojeh Alfreh, a 35 year-old from Syria was one of those winners. Having lived in the UAE since 2007, Rojeh was shocked and in disbelief when he learned that he had won and took some time to process it. “It feels great to have won – it’s a life changer.” said Rojeh. “I have never won a draw before in my life.”

With a brother and sister who are both married and reside in Dubai, Rojeh continued: “I will do my part to support those in need in my community and save the rest. Family always comes first and there is no better way to spend the money than putting it towards supporting them.”

Rojeh also has some advice for those looking to change their lives with Emirates Loto: “I have always thought there is no chance of winning these types of draws. The chances of winning, in my opinion, are almost zero. But I was wrong, and I proved myself wrong by winning this prize. You never know when your lucky day will come. Just hope for good and good will come to you!!”

The second winner to share the AED 1 million was Muhammad Khalid, a 36 year-old engineer from Pakistan who has lived in UAE for eight years. Said Khalid: “I feel so alive, especially as the current situation is stressful for most, with a general sense of worry for the future and family wellbeing. It is a relief to have gained such an amount of financial help during such a critical global situation.”

Muhammad could not believe it when he received a call about win: “At first I thought it was a prank. It was only when I checked the app that I realized it to be true. I’ve never won anything before in my life, but Emirates Loto has such a low price of entry into the draw and everyone should try their luck. I am looking forward to do some research on charities and good causes I can support.”

“We are thrilled that we have been able to change the lives of these two young men especially at such a challenging and precarious time,” said Paul Sebestyen, Emirates Loto CEO. “It is particularly wonderful to hear when winners plan to carry their prizes on forward to help others in need. We have been seeing this often – winners changing the lives of others. We may also be in the business of changing lives, but, of course, we claim no ownership of it. I would like to think that altruism is an inherent value that we all share.”

With no jackpot winners, a whopping AED 50 million is again up for grabs for collectable buyers this coming weekend. -. The next live draw will take place at 10.00PM this Saturday, 16 May, and can be watched live on Emirates Loto’s website and social media platforms.

For more information on our collectables, prize winners, terms and conditions, eligibility and to Collect, Play and have the opportunity to Win in the next Emirates Loto draw, please visit

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An organisation that is inclusive to all, Emirates Loto is the GCC’s first ever digital collectable scheme and optional draw. Emirates Loto is open to eligible participants over 18 years of age in the UAE and from around the world. The collectables can be purchased for AED 35 from any of the authorised retail stores in UAE, the brand website, or via the Emirates Loto app that can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.

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