May 2020

The perfect gifts from House of Garrard for Eid Al-Fitr

The perfect gifts from House of Garrard for Eid Al-Fitr

  The House of Garrard is the longest serving jeweller in the world, its origins dating back to 1735. Appointed the first official Crown Jeweller in 1843, the House has since had the honour of serving every subsequent British monarch, as well as royalty around the globe.

Every Garrard design is handcrafted in the studio, from jewellery suites to tiaras, headdresses to brooches. Design, craftsmanship and the most beautiful of natural materials combine to capture a spirit that is uniquely British. Time is also given to considering how and when a necklace, brooch or ring will be worn, and the ways in which it might adapt to different occasions. This process ensures that every piece of jewellery in a collection is both eye-catching and wearable.

This Eid, The House presents some of its latest and classic collections ensuring you find the perfect gift for your loved ones for such an auspicious occasion.


The Aloria collection is the latest to join Garrard’s treasure trove of regally-inspired jewels. Artfully uniting heritage cues with cutting-edge craftsmanship and design, Aloria celebrates Garrard’s setting of the Cullinan I in the Sovereign’s Sceptre in 1910. The strong silhouette framing the world’s largest clear-cut diamond has been reimagined in the House’s Sovereign motif and its enduring spirit sits at the heart of the new designs.

The elegant simplicity of the rings, bracelets and earrings at first sight belies their multifunctional, playful nature as they have interchangeable coloured motifs, to suit the occasion, your outfit or simply your mood. The Aloria designs offer several options for the way they can be worn – designed to work with the wearer, transitioning from dawn to dusk in effortless style.

Wings Classic

Launched over fifteen years ago, this collection has proved to be popular all over the world. Since its first appearance in 2003, Wings has had added resonance through its associations with peace, purity and protection.

As the name suggests, the collection sees the synonymous wings with open fretwork type settings that bring an enhanced attention to detail and delicacy in a structural form across earrings, rings, pendants and bracelets. In capturing the fold of its wings and the light that plays across their surface this collection sees design and symbolism in perfect harmony.

About the House of Garrard

Set in the heart of London, exceptionally crafted jewels from the House of Garrard embody confident glamour. The House is the longest serving jeweller in the world, its origins dating back to 1735, when Frederick, Prince of Wales became its first royal patron. His order marked the start of a long relationship with the British royal family, formalised in 1843 when Queen Victoria appointed the House as the first official Crown Jeweller. Iconic jewels have been created for each successive generation, including the Duchess of Cambridge’s sapphire cluster engagement ring. Silverware and trophies have also been commissioned over the centuries, among them the Royal Ascot Gold Cup. This rich past informs a creative present where heritage and design combine to bring out the beauty of the precious stone or metal. From tiaras to trophies and rings to regalia, every Garrard creation bears the quintessentially British hallmark of history, craft and quality.

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