May 2020

A New Aesthetic Beauty Store in the GCC direct to your doorstep

A New Aesthetic Beauty Store in the GCC  direct to your doorstep

Basharashop is a new e-commerce platform that was launched lately; and which provides lavishing collection of treatments for the face and body that unlocks the secrets to a healthy and beautiful skin.

Health and Beauty; a $300 billion industry, remains one of the fastest-growing ecommerce categories with online sales rising since year 2016 to $28 billion globally. It is also known that the eCommerce Aesthetic beauty industry faces some unique challenges when distributing products within the online market. The reason for that is the market itself still depends on clinics and pharmacies; and is not used to trusting much the e-commerce Aesthetic sites and their offerings.

Basharashop however, is working round the clock to inspire customers to purchase without the opportunity to experience the product for themselves and this is by building trust with having the best solutions for the main categories. In today’s competitive market within the GCC, it is not enough for Aesthetic beauty retailers to simply have an ecommerce site; they need a convincing site that can inspire brand loyalty amongst consumers.

Consumers increasingly grow more interest in purchasing products over the internet, pushing eCommerce brands to discover new ways to build a user-friendly and compelling online shopping experience.

“We have seen a need to educate and introduce consumers; especially millennials, to learn more about medical aesthetic products for face, body and hair. During Covid 19; we have decided to provide our customers with quick solution and a beneficial site to deliver the best health products to their home.” Says Dr.Moaz Hamdoun, Basharashop founder and DERMA&HEALTH Managing Director. promises to work hard to deliver the best products at the best prices to everyone’s home with exclusive free gifts and incredible discounts. Each of the displayed products is carefully selected and thoroughly reviewed before it is offered to the consumer.

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