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May 2020

Seeing Green- Gemfields’ second film explores emeralds

Seeing Green- Gemfields’ second film explores emeralds

Gemfields is proud to introduce the second instalment in an exciting new series of four short films. Following on from the launch of the inaugural video on responsible sourcing – which coincided with World Earth Day, on 22nd April – this one is dedicated to the glorious emerald: the birthstone of the month of May.

Offering viewers a precious glimpse inside the world of coloured gemstones, these impactful and educational films each run between one and two minutes in length, and are set against an evocative musical backdrop. They are available to view on both Gemfields’ website and on its YouTube channel (with short, 30-second teaser versions appearing on social media to give viewers a taste of what’s to come). The second half of the series will offer up a smart guide to buying coloured gemstones, in June, and will conclude with a film on rubies, in July.

Coloured gemstones are considered the ultimate luxury: a finite resource, which cannot be manufactured, each totally unique with a character of its own. One of the three crown jewels of coloured gemstones – alongside rubies and sapphires – emeralds, with their fresh green hue, will forever be associated with hope, fertility, peace and the first shoots of spring. They are a firm favourite with consumers the world over and featured heavily in A-listers’ jewellery choices on the red carpets.

From the Kagem mine in Zambia, Gemfields has been leading the way in responsible sourcing of emeralds since 2008, bringing these exquisite gemstones out of half a billion years of darkness beneath the earth’s surface and into the light. As a world-leading supplier of responsibly sourced coloured gemstones, Gemfields is perfectly positioned to share the knowledge it has acquired through its operations: as well as mining emeralds in Zambia, the company also owns the world’s largest ruby mine, in Mozambique.

The aim of these short films is to give viewers an understanding of what coloured gemstones really are, where they come from and what makes them special.

“A high-quality gemstone is rare, it is like a cordon bleu meal, it requires the best ingredients in the right proportions, the big difference is, nature is the chef not man,” explains fine jewellery specialist, Joanna Hardy.

This conceptual video project – created with Lambda Films, experts in contemporary video and design-led animation – takes the form of liquid art: the pouring of a mixture of paint and oil, captured by macro videography, creates a stunningly natural visual, providing viewers with a live moving guide to how coloured gemstones are formed at an elemental level. Sculptured CGI tableaus in 3D tell the wider emotional story of how Gemfields works with communities, suppliers and consumers, setting it all in a historical context.

As a young, dynamic company, always seeking to do things differently, Gemfields is once again bridging the worlds of jewellery and art with this film series, building on the work of previous collaborations and continuing its mission to drive demand for responsibly sourced coloured gemstones.

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