May 2020



A Series of Virtual Talks Aiming to Connect, Express & Support the Mental Health of Women Across the GCC during the COVID-19 Pandemic

MKS Jewellery is a brand built on the foundation of self-expression, sharing stories, sincerity and most of all, human connection. In a period where these sentiments are more important than ever before, the Emirati jewellery brand has carefully curated a collective of regional women and powerful organizations, to discuss the current struggles facing all women during one of the most disruptive periods in our lives.

The aptly named ‘Here to Listen’ series is a joining of forces, a safe place to speak freely, a way to harness identity and an opportunity to use this time to identify tools that will help us stay connected and overcome the struggles of now, as well as providing learnings that will withstand the pandemic and create success when life returns to ‘normal’. Now is the time to take control and shape our personal narratives.

Hosted by MKS Jewellery, the panels have been organized in collaboration with Georgie Bradley, Journalist and Crisis Counsellor for Women Victims of Domestic Violence, between the 4th and 13th of May and will bring to surface four important topics.

The carefully selected organizations are on board to help drive this conversation and bring their expertise to the relatable topics, and those participating are Shamsaha Bahrain – the first and only women’s crisis response program in the Middle East, Illuminations – Dubai’s leading well-being platform for holistic healing, mental health and personal growth, Abolish153 – a Kuwaiti community working to abolish Article 153 of the Kuwaiti Penal Code and end all forms of violence against women in the Arab region, and The LightHouse Arabia – a community mental health and wellness clinic located in Dubai.

“MKS Jewellery is born out of the love for self-expression, it is the ultimate treasure and so if we can give the woman we will! This initiative aligns with our values in the importance of sharing your story and sentiments.

This pandemic has brought up so many questions and discomforts to us all, equally giving us all perspective and forcing us all to rethink and check in on our value systems. I love that this initiative gives us the opportunity to come together to try to make sense of it all, and hopefully take forward some valuable learnings forward too. I’m endlessly grateful to Georgie Bradley for coming together with us on this and the inspiring women that stand behind this cause and give their time to come together and to give back through their much-needed organizations, they inspire us to be better people every day.

Within these series each one of us steps up to say that we are all thinking of you and that we are here to listen. This pandemic has touched the lives of every single person and has shown us that we are all in this together. Physical boundaries have only shown us how much we actually care and need one another, I hope MKS Cares will be as inspiring to you as it has been to me, and to raise our hands when we need to talk, because we are here for each other.”

 ‘MKS Cares’ is an initiative that aims to connect the region and give back to the causes of the organizations involved, from funding

In support of the ‘Here to Listen’ series, use the MKSCARES code at checkout to give 10% of purchases to the participating organizations to support their non-profit activities. Donations will apply throughout the month of May.


A fine jewellery label founded and designed by H.H. Sheikha Mariam bint Khalifa bin Saif Al
Nahyan in 2013, MKS Jewellery has become known for beautifully translating Emirati heritage into contemporary and unique pieces. Referencing H.H. Sheikha Mariam’s initials, the brand stands for women, power, diversity, and self-expression while celebrating the sentimental collector that finds value in the underlying meaning of everything. MKS Jewellery’s collections and creations are built to mark moments in the wearer’s life.


Georgie Bradley is a journalist by training and a GCC expat lifer, having grown up in Bahrain and now lives in Dubai. Over the years her assignments have seen her in the wilds of South Africa with Save The Children to hiking in Kazakhstan for a piece on solo female travelers to spending a week with an embalmer for The Guardian careers. She is also a certified crisis counsellor for women victims of domestic violence, where she trained and volunteered at Shamsaha (formerly Women’s Crisis Care International) in Bahrain. Her role involved hospital and hotline duty as well as public engagement through community outreach. In 2017 she was selected to deliver a five-day workshop on gender- based violence to young activists and students in Kuwait in association with NGO, Abolish 153. Her career in the UAE has spanned from being an Associate Editor for Harper’s Bazaar Arabia to a Senior Editor at and Emirates Woman where she held the position of Deputy Editor. Georgie is currently the Communications Director for Evoke International, working on global strategic communications campaigns for governments to luxury brands.

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