October 18, 2021

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MBC GROUP’S RAMADAN 2020 – A Superlative Record-Setting Season

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, (AETOSWire): As forecasted earlier, the surges in TV and VOD viewership due to the Covid-19 #STAY_AT_HOME situation have resulted in the region’s leading broadcasters achieving record performance figures.

The latest research spanning the first week of the Holy Month shows significant and ongoing increases in the time spent on MBC Group’s flagship TV Channels,

as well as major boosts on the number of Shahid.net users and plays. (Vs. Ramadan 2019). For advertisers seeking impact, don’t miss out on this unmissable opportunity to become a part of MBC GROUP’s “Ramadan 2020” success story.

Arabian Media Services International (AMSI) is a part of Choueiri Group and operates as the Exclusive Media Representative for MBC Group.

*Source: AETOSWire