October 18, 2021

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Vatika launches oil based natural hair colour crème

Dubai, UAE; 29 April 2020: Vatika Naturals, the leading natural hair care brand in the region, has launched an ingredient oil-based natural hair color range designed specifically for fashion conscious women. Unlike chemical crème hair colors, Vatika Oil Fusion crème colour delivers perfect hair color results naturally, without damaging the hair.

It is more than a hair colour option, it provides deep nourishment with natural ingredients. The product also makes for a faster application as it takes only 30 minutes to develop completely. The new Vatika Oil Fusion crème colour is infused with oils that minimize the damage and the ammonia smell usually associated with the hair coloring process.

Unlike other hair dyes that damage and dry out the hair, Vatika Oil Fusion crème colour infiltrates the roots of the hair and provides deep nourishment for the hair, while at the same time delivering a natural and fashionable look. Regular use protects your hair from harmful chemicals and with every application hair texture improves and there is no chance of irritation and itching of the scalp.

“We wanted to provide our customers with a product that colours and nourishes the hair, both at the same time. So, we came up with Vatika Oil Fusion crème colour,” says Prateek Jugran, Senior Product Manager, Vatika Naturals, explaining the development process. “We saw an opportunity to reinvent at-home hair color experience for women of all ages to enjoy and, our new product symbolizes charisma, energy, and style. Whether someone desires sophisticated, daring or a fun look, they can all now easily achieve it with Vatika Oil Fusion crème colour.”

The product comes in 7 different color shades and variants:

  • Natural black with black seed oil, for discerning customers who want to add extra shine and strength to their hair
  • Blue-black with blackberry oil, that gives the hair a deep, dark – yet natural black color
  • Light brown with almond oil, for those who prioritize healthy hair and a silky soft look
  • Medium brown with castor oil, which is proven to support enhanced hair growth
  • Dark brown with almond oil and coffee, perfect for people who want to add some healthy shine to their dark brown tresses.
  • Deep red-brown with beetroot oil, which provides color as well as a healthy scalp
  • Intense red with hibiscus oil is the perfect way to deepen red shades in a completely natural manner

The new hair colour kit delivers beautiful shades while leaving the hair soft. The result is a head full of shiny, rich color that resists fading.

About Vatika Naturals

Vatika Naturals is a range of hair care products catering to the cleansing, nourishing & styling needs of modern men & women. The range includes natural hair oil, shampoo, hair cream, hammam zait, oil replacement and men’s styling products.