April 2020

GlowRadiance Defy tablets

GlowRadiance Defy tablets

GlowRadiance Defy tablets is enriched with a high concentration of nourishing ingredients and natural antioxidants, defy acts fast to hydrate skin cells and restore moisture. It works from the inside out to reduce and prevent wrinkles and improve skin suppleness too. Drink two tasteless and easy-to-swallow tablets at bedtime and wake up to a fresh-faced glow. Reduces wrinkles and increases skin suppleness. Contains hydrolyzed collagen, high amino acid profile, hyaluronic acid and grape seed extract Indication. Dull and lifeless skin sagged and aged skin, fine and deep wrinkles, Post Botox and fillers. Dehydrated skin prevention of wrinkles.

Part of Daily skin care regimen Composition: Hydrolyzed collagen – High amino acid profile – Hyaluronic acid – Grape seed extract Effects – Reduce wrinkles (depth & length) – Improve skin suppleness – Prevent deep wrinkles

Product USP: Designed for elegant women looking for an everlasting youthful complexion. The defy tablets is a revolution supplement for your skin. The product will give you an ultimate experience at home for natural facelift to fight wrinkles and deeply moisturize, regenerate and restore your skin texture.

Ingredients: Hydrolyzed collagen, High amino acid profile, Hyaluronic acid, Grape seed extract.

How to use: Drink two tablets once daily at bedtime followed by a full glass of water

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