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 “There are a thousand places in Paris where I could meet you again and crush your roses against my heart. Our roses. The most beautiful. Maybe you were just a pretext to make my dream come true: give a perfume to Paris. Prestigious, dazzling Paris. The blaze and sizzle of your fireworks make the world sparkle. For this new perfume, it is your name I chose because there is no other as beautiful. Because I love you. My Paris.”

Yves Saint Laurent, 1983



The new campaign is the most passionate chapter in the unique love story between Yves Saint Laurent and Paris.

Madly romantic. Absolutely modern. Who else but the couturier, forever the symbol of Parisian elegance, would dare to name a perfume after PARIS? It was the city that embraced the shy young genius born in Oran, Algeria, when he first came to study his art at the age of 17. The city that celebrated his nascent house in 1961. The city that made him her madly loved “Little Prince of couture”, before crowning him the king of fashion…

Paris, embodied by the Eiffel Tower – a vertiginous silhouette shaped like an upside-down Y, the first letter of Yves.

Paris. The Capital of Love, distilled into an extravagant bouquet of roses which makes PARIS a legendary perfume.

The original PARIS EAU DE PARFUM (1983) was Yves Saint Laurent’s gift to the city he tenderly, proudly called “Mon Paris” because it had conquered him, and he had conquered its heart. At last, with this epochal fragrance, the couturier could prove to the world just how much he loved the city of love…

With MON PARIS EAU DE PARFUM (2016), YVES SAINT LAURENT BEAUTÉ reinvents the couturier’s gift of love, with a new olfactory signature: the hypnotic datura flower as a symbol of mad love, embracing a sleek, soaring patchouli: a subversive reinterpretation of the traditional chypre turning the structure inside out and revealing an unprecedented ultra-modern white chypre that is both hypnotic and daring.



C1 – Internal use

Today, YVES SAINT LAURENT BEAUTÉ is proud to present MON PARIS INTENSÉMENT, its most intense declaration of love yet to the city celebrated by poets and lovers… A new variation on MON PARIS, blazing like the Parisian sky at sunrise with a lush bouquet of roses embracing its signature, hypnotic datura flower.

A new color, Yves Saint Laurent’s signature pink, the most intense, the most flamboyant of all: fuchsia, like l’amour fou.

A new ambassador, to embody the effortless chic that makes Parisian women so unique.

A new, spectacular campaign conceived as a passionate ode to Paris and crazy mad love at first sight. Spontaneous. Sensual. Liberating. Excessive. Dangerous. The kind of love that can only happen in Paris. A love that turns everything upside-down, breaks all the rules, makes you shout “Je t’aime!” from the top of the Eiffel Tower…

Eiffel Power.



Exciting, exhilarating, bigger than life, the new MON PARIS campaign directed by Ricky Saiz reaches new heights in the celebration of the mad love. The kind of love that can only be experienced in Paris. That happens in a flash, like the loves of legend… A love born from the intensely seductive trail of MON PARIS INTENSÉMENT.

The same setting: Paris. A new couple of young lovers. The model Grace Hartzel embodies the archetype of the Parisian woman. Bohemian. Bold. Effortlessly sophisticated. Unapologetically passionate… A woman who thinks love as intensely as she lives it. Is it any wonder that the lover played by Matthew Bell, born in Liverpool and the epitome of cool, goes up in a flash when he sees our heroine boarding a helicopter by the Seine? Her. La Parisienne. Love at first sight.

In the vivid hour of dawn when the Paris sky turns pink, a whiff of MON PARIS INTENSÉMENT sprayed on her neck… She flies off, daring him to follow her with a seductive gaze. He dashes through the city, madly, passionately following her scented trail. Because love can be so intense it makes us do the craziest, most dangerous things. Especially in Paris

We can feel the speed and energy of the chase. She looks down, her beauty bathed in the light of the sunrise…

And because this is Paris, because it is Yves Saint Laurent, the crazy lovers meet at last at the Eiffel Tower: the symbol of MON PARIS. The culmination of love. He leans in to breathe her fragrance on the back of her neck. She turns to kiss him, passionately.

And with their mad kiss at the very top of the Eiffel Tower, we hear the haunting strains of Charles Aznavour’s “La Bohème”. A legendary song of passionate love in Paris, remasterized and remixed for the very first time for Yves Saint Laurent Beauté. The lovers reach the vertiginous heights of l’amour fou… When our heroine unties her lavallière to surrender it to

C1 – Internal use

the Paris breeze, she surrenders her love, not to him, but to Paris. To MON PARIS INTENSÉMENT.


How do you say love? With roses, naturally. Intense, but never dark, the new scent radiates the hot pink glow of passion, showcasing a precious absolute of Rosa centifolia that makes the white flesh of MON PARIS’ hypnotic datura turn fuchsia.

On conceiving the new fragrance: “We wanted to bring more depth to the white chypre that is the signature of MON PARIS, blending the captivating fragrance of datura with the rich scent of roses. We’ve played on intense, yet comfortable textures to create the ultimate attraction. It’s a love story with a French twist – the sparkling charm of Parisian chic!”

Firmenich: Olivier Cresp, Dora Baghriche and Harry Frémont

First, delicious fruit set the stage for the flowers of romance. Their sweet nectars paint a deep palette of pink, with a tart crème de cassis note and a surprising raspberry accord. A strikingly true-to-nature aroma achieved by capturing the scent given off by the fruit through the cutting-edge NaturePrint ™ technique.

On picking the datura flower: “For the original MON PARIS, we chose datura because it represents the vertigo of love, with its upside-down corolla . The scent is solar, with green and almond accents, but the flower doesn’t yield its essence. When it releases its sweet, powerful fragrance at nightfall, we capture it using an exclusive method, NaturePrint™, which is like an olfactory snapshot of nature, in order to reproduce it.”

Firmenich: Olivier Cresp, Dora Baghriche and Harry Frémont

As MON PARIS INTENSÉMENT unfolds its petals, the gorgeous fuchsia glow grows brighter, illuminating the entire scent. The fresh white peony blushes. The night-blooming datura turns pink, as it embraces the heart of the fragrance: a grand, madly seductive bouquet of two rose absolutes, Rosa centifolia and Rosa damascena, as precious as the gift of love…

On the character of roses: “With its dewy, slightly green facets, the Bulgarian Damascena rose is livelier and more expressive that the Centifolia, which is softer, warmer and more sensual, with honeyed, spice and tobacco tones. The two perfectly complement each other.”

Firmenich: Olivier Cresp, Dora Baghriche and Harry Frémont

Straight and slender as the Eiffel Tower that defines the Paris skyline, the purest quality of patchouli soars through the fragrance, anchoring the swirling floral heart. Its elegant chypre signature is intensified by gauzy Cashmeran, a warm musk and wood note, as sensuous as a kiss on bare skin.

Reflecting MON PARIS INTENSÉMENT’s fuchsia radiance, silken white musks wrap the scent like sunlit clouds at dawn…

C1 – Internal use

Vertiginous love leaves a vertiginous trail. C’est l’amour. C’est Mon Paris Intensément.


More intensely than ever, the iconic, multi-faceted MON PARIS bottle designed by Catherine Krunas is a tribute to Yves Saint Laurent.

Inspired by the couturier’s archive sketches of lavallières, the classic pussy bow at the front of the neck of a blouse, Catherine Krunas took this piece, double it, made it oversized and turned it upside down. This spectacular double lavallière became a bold visual metaphor for a modern love affair at the peak of its passion.

Like the fragrance, this silk ribbon tied on the neck of the bottle, sheathed in the mystery of transparent black organza, takes on the most intense shade of pink. The color of mad love. A color no one owns more than Yves Saint Laurent…


As iconic a signature as leopard or the couturier’s legendary Majorelle blue, fuchsia was the color for ruffles, ribbons and bows. A regal color, reminiscent of an era where only kings and queens could wear garments made of intensely colored fabric, the costliest because it was the most difficult to produce…

Bold, sparkling, scandalous in its vividness, it appeared in the fall-winter collection of 1978, in a fuchsia satin dress adorned with bows of black velvet. Then again on the oversized “rose Paris” satin bow at the back of the black velvet sheath created in celebration and to honor the launch of PARIS EAU DE PARFUM in 1983…

Vibrating against orange, as a radiant accent to black or full-on in a ruffled taffetas gown, fuchsia epitomized Yves Saint Laurent’s flamboyant palette. His genius with colors that no one had dared before him in haute couture…

Fuchsia was also the most subversive of lipsticks in 1979. The original N°19 LE FUCHSIA, inspired by a vivid piece of fuchsia silk: a color so intense that it was the epitome of good taste, while breaking all its rules. But soon, every kiss in Paris left the imprint of LE FUSCHIA on collars and lips. A legend was born.

Expressing the ultimate intensity of the new scent, MON PARIS INTENSÉMENT’s soft silk lavallière becomes more vibrant still with a veil of black organza – another of the YSL’s signature colors, in the ever-present transparence of the house’s couture. To reflect the intense, rose-infused potion within, the neck and shoulders of the bottle turns fuchsia, in a gradient that becomes more transparent as it reaches the base.

Two leather ties and a shining gold YSL Cassandre add their touch of rock chic – the quintessential style of the contemporary Parisian woman. Untie the bow, and liberate the scent of love

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