April 2020

Jack Cunningham, Sustainability, Policy & Risk Director

Jack Cunningham, Sustainability, Policy & Risk Director

Jack is Gemfields’ Sustainability, Policy & Risk Director. He has had an 18-year career in corporate responsibility and sustainability across diverse sectors, working for PwC, Sainsbury’s and ITV plc, among others. Prior to these roles, Jack spent six years as a consultant to the UK and EU governments on industrial climate change and energy policy. Since 2014, he has been responsible for setting up and implementing significant continuous improvements in Gemfields’ corporate responsibility and sustainability, transparency, risk and policy programme.

Jack leads the company’s approach to a broad range of strategic environmental, social and governance issues and guides the operational level implementation. He is also driving forward industry transparency projects with leading luxury jewellery brands, including Fabergé, which is part of the Gemfields Group.

A biologist by background, Jack has been involved in wildlife conservation since he was a child: as a member of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds; by volunteering for his local branches of the Wildlife Trust in Oxfordshire and Surrey; and through the time he has spent in Tanzania on coral reef conservation projects.

Further information on Gemfields can be found at www.gemfields.com

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