April 2020

Hala Badri’s statement on the occasion of the International Day of Creativity and Innovation

Hala Badri, Director General of Dubai Culture and Arts Authority, “Dubai Culture” noted today, innovation and creativity have become a lifestyle and a national hub in the UAE due to their importance in supporting the creative economy and achieving a prosperous and sustainable future,

She said: “Our leaders in the UAE have instilled the strong belief in us that innovation and creativity, as values, are true wealth of the future and they have positioned them in the main pillars of Dubai Plan 2021 vision. In line with this vision and Dubai’s endeavour to consolidate innovation and creativity in society, we at Dubai Culture are putting in deliberate efforts to foster a culture of innovation and creativity in society, by preparing a generation of innovators and creators who are able to make a positive change in the society and contribute in cementing the UAE’s position on the global innovation and creativity index. “

Badri added: “Even in trying times like current ones, innovation and creativity are a window of hope. Creatives across the world today are playing an active role in enabling people fight this crisis. As an enabler for the creative industries, the Authority is working tirelessly to motivate creatives to spread reassurance and positivity among the members of the community during the current circumstances.”

She further said: “We are doing our best to preserve the spirit of creativity and innovation in our society despite what we face today. As part of these efforts, the authority launched a social media campaign named #Createtogether to encourage creators, artists, writers, and poets. We also launched #Dubai_ideathon to motivate creators to present innovative ideas on how to face the current crisis. With this we aim to provide an innovative platform for creativity and to enable interaction, on the same lines as the ‘Close-Up Culture’ initiative launched by the Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development.

Badri concluded: “Our leaders have taught us the importance of looking at the future and moving towards it with a confident pace and an undying spirit of innovation and creativity. We, at Dubai Culture, strive to encourage and empower the creatives so that their creations keep the cultural landscape of the emirate vibrant, positive, and happy in alignment with the long term goals that our wise leaders have set.”

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