April 2020

Rasasi adds an array of non-alcoholic scents and incenses for Ramadan

Rasasi adds an array of non-alcoholic scents and incenses for Ramadan

Dubai, UAE, April 2020: The Holy Month of Ramadan is synonymous with prayer, meditation and finding peace.  Rasasi Perfumes, one of the leading perfume brands in the Middle East, has curated a rare and finest range of Agarwood and Dhanal Oudh to add to the aura of spirituality, purify one’s mind and soul which is the sole purpose of this holy month.

Agarwood Collection:

Agarwood a resinous aromatic wood derived from the Aquilaria trees has been burnt for a thousands of years as incense during meditation and prayer to help people achieve a higher level of consciousness and a state of deep inner peace. Agarwood is an integral part of Middle Eastern culture and its demand spikes up during Ramadan. Agarwood is burnt to impart spiritual serenity, induce positivity and as a welcoming gesture.

The aromatic qualities of agarwood are influenced by the species, geographical origin of the wood, the type of the wood infected within the tree (heartwood is considered the best), along with the age of the tree, are the factors that determine the quality of the resinous wood, its fragrance and how long lasting the fragrance would be.

Rasasi offers an array of agarwood and dhanal oud varieties from popular to very rare that are favoured by the elite and the royalty. Some of our recommendations are:

Agarwood PNCL

The connoisseurs and true lovers of fine agarwood are in for a delight with this rare and matured agarwood sourced from Sri Lanka. PNCL is an intensely sensuous journey that weaves magic, nostalgia and lends sophisticated allure to homes during the holy month.

Oudh Al Zahba

Oudh Al Zahba, a warm, earthy and inviting Malaysian agarwood that allures you with its deep, rich and woody fragrance. This agarwood is valued for its rich fragrance while being on the right side of the price.

Dhanal Oudh Collection:

Dhanal Oudh, the pure oil extract of agarwood trees is the most coveted oriental perfume, highly desired for its complex scent that may unfold over a course of many hours, imparts lasting fragrance and adds a traditional touch which invoke a sense of magic and mystique by enveloping the wearer in a lingering fragrant trail. The creation of dhanal oudh is a very intensive process. So precious it is, that a kilo of agarwood, when distilled through steam would yield anything between 1ml to 1.5ml of pure oudh oil. Dhanal oudh is simply about perfection and indulgence.

Maliki Qadeem  

Rasasi’s selection of premium dhanal oudh that pay homage to an ultimate experience in purity includes the delectably luxurious rich Indian Dhanal Oudh Maliki Qadeem. Distilled from the heartwood of old and rare agarwood trees in Assam and matured over years, this dhanal oudh  captures the rapturous march of an ancient civilisation in its fragrant folds.  This intensely hypnotic dhanal oudh is an ultimate ode to the fine taste.

Hindi Super

The symphonies of ancient India resonate in this pure extract of top graded heartwood of agarwood trees. Dhanal Oudh Hindi Super is an exotic, enchanting and a magical ode to the mystical world of aged Indian pure agarwood extract that revels in richness and exuberance of its pure notes.

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