April 2020

The Power of Artificial Intelligence in vivo S1 Pro

The Power of Artificial Intelligence in vivo S1 Pro

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 12April 2020: Many smartphones released over the past two to three years have leveraged the power of artificial intelligence (AI) in both their hardware and software. AI’s potential is limitless, andwe have already witnessed a myriad smart AI applications at work – in fieldsranging from photography to stepping upefficiency.As a company that believes in the deep integration of AI in the 5G era, vivo’s S1 Pro packs some powerful features that have been enhanced through AI.

  1. Capture Photos Like A Pro

Photography has become one of the most widely used smartphone functions. Today’s click-happy generation wantsto capture memorable life moments with their smartphones wherever they go.The S1 Pro offers an incredible 48MP Quad Camera with AI algorithms embedded, bringing a new experience to photography lovers.The smartphone is also equipped with the Super Wide-Angle Camera that can further expand landscape shots, producing high quality precisionimageswith precise details.

  1. Selfies Beyond Imagination

While smartphones have made hi-resphotography more accessible, mobile and convenient, AI has made everything so much simpler. The 32 MP AI Selfie Camera thatthe S1 Pro boastsallows users to explore and find their own style through various built-in photography modes. This means that selfies are bound to come out better than users can imagine!

  1. Clever Features for Better Photos

One of vivo’s goals is to make smartphones smart enough to detect, understand and process any challenges usersmight face while taking pictures, such as adjusting to poor lighting, exposure, saturation, colour depth and contrast.With the S1 Pro,they are able to focus on capturing the best shot anywhere, anytime, regardless of their knowledge of photography.Some of the main AI-basedfeatures the smartphoneoffers include:

  • AI Face Beautyallows users to customise their looks or those of their subjects – from complexion to face shape, it’s all just one click away!
  • Gender Detection gives the subject’s facial features greater definition.
  • AI Makeupenables access tostrong beautification elements to enhance the stunning features of the subject.
  • Pose Master tracks the subject’spositions and through dotted guidelines, indicatingthe best poses to follow.
  1. Stay Ahead of the Game

The S1 Pro leveragesMulti-Turbo acceleration technology to optimize the operating system so that users can enjoy a more exhilarating gamingexperience. This technology integrates the AI Turbo, Center Turbo, Game Turbo, ART++ Turbo and Cooling Turbo, greatly enhancing compiler efficiency. AI Turbo provides an AI prediction accuracy rate of over 85 percent, meaning that applications are able to launch at a much faster rate. For instance, PUBG Mobile can be launched 30 percent faster, while YouTube is 45 percent faster and other popular applications are at least 20 percent faster.

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