April 2020

Revolutionary Multi-Purpose and Multi-Use Sterilizer – SterilOx

Revolutionary Multi-Purpose and Multi-Use Sterilizer – SterilOx

Maintaining a clean, healthy and sterile home has never been more prevalent.With the currentCoronaVirus outbreak we have to spend the majority of our time indoors with our family, children and pets. During this time it is vitally important to make sure that our living spaces are clean from both a health perspective and to really relax and feel comfortable in our surroundings. With this in mind, brand new SterilOxhas excitingly justlaunched in the region and is here to ensure lots of hassle-free cleaning days ahead!SterilOx received the Certificate from the laboratory in the United Kingdom confirming its 99.99% efficacy against the strains of Covid-19 (CoronaVirus).

Whether you want to sanitise your hands or your water for cooking, wash and sanitise your bathroom, clean and sanitise your A/C ducts, disinfect and deodorize your rooms, pipes and surfaces or clean your tables, furniture, curtains or children’s toys and your personal transportSterilOxis the only product you need! What’s more, there is no need to rinse after use; it is 100% safe all you need to do is spray and go!

This disinfectant and sterilizer iscurrently the most effective in the retail market and boasts being skin contact safe, non-irritating, non-stainingand eco friendly. The non harmful solutionis non-damaging on any surface and perfect for every day customer use with a convenient 5 litre jerrycan and soon also 0.5 litre spray bottleavailable.

SterilOx products are manufactured in Ras Al Khaimah by collaboration of a Russian Research and Development Institute and an international team of businessmen and engineers. Only local ingredients are used that deliver a highly effective natural and eco-friendly disinfectant, sterilizer, sanitizer and deodoriser in one easy to use solution.

SterilOx is currently available from noon.com, amazon.ae and arabianorganics.com and is priced at AED250 for 5 litres or AED35 for a 0.5litre spray bottle coming soon.

SterilOx is also available for professional use for facilities management, recreational areas, water treatment and vehicles.

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