April 2020

Get Real Health® Launches International Turnkey Telehealth Solution to Help Providers Address the COVID-19 Crisis While Enabling Virtual Connections for Other Patients in Need

Get Real Health® Launches International Turnkey Telehealth Solution to Help Providers Address the COVID-19 Crisis While Enabling Virtual Connections for Other Patients in Need

ROCKVILLE, Md.–(BUSINESS WIRE/AETOSWire) – Get Real Health®, a wholly owned subsidiary of healthcare solutions company CPSI (NASDAQ: CPSI), is launching a new solution called TalkWithYourDoc.com. The language-agnostic solution enables providers of all sizes around the globe to continue offering revenue-generating healthcare services while serving patients’ needs during the international COVID-19 pandemic.

TalkWithYourDoc.com supports multiple languages and right to left texts and allows patients to set preferred units and languages. Get Real Health brought the full breadth of its international experience to the development of this solution to make TalkWithYourDoc.com a truly global healthcare tool.

Get Real Health is a global leader in developing patient engagement platforms that transform the healthcare experience for patients and clinicians alike. As an international healthcare company, Get Real Health has deployed other solutions in England, The Netherlands, and Australia. The company also has pilots running in the Middle East and has had demonstration projects in Vietnam and Sweden.

TalkWithYourDoc.com, offered free of charge for the remainder of 2020, is an EHR-agnostic, HIPAA-compliant, secure solution that needs no EHR integration and enables quick provider/patient communication, engagement and data sharing without risk of disease transmission. The robust solution is designed to be user-friendly and operate without dedicated IT resources. A healthcare system, hospital or medical practice can have the solution up and running in hours, not days.

“TalkWithYourDoc.com enables clinicians anywhere in the world to see their patients like they’ve never seen them before,” said Robin Wiener, president of Get Real Health. “This is a secure monitoring tool that can aid a provider in diagnosing a patient. It also connects to patients’ medical devices for a 360-degree view of their conditions.”

This solution includes separate portals for both patients and their providers:

  • TalkWithYourDoc.com, also available as an Apple or Android App, allows the patient to fill out a COVID-19 screening survey, complete an initial questionnaire, and provide information about his or her underlying conditions and device readings (such as blood sugar). The patient portal also provides a suite of tools, including health journals, integration with home health devices, and a list of tasks that the provider would like the patient to complete.
  • The clinical portal enables the review of a patient’s health profile in preparation for the virtual appointment. It also provides alerts and updates to the clinician following the appointment.
  • The initial release can collect five key sets of information provided by the patient that can be used to effectively diagnose and treat the patient remotely. The five data sets include: current medications, chronic conditions, notable procedures the patient has undergone, allergies and a symptom tracker.

“TalkWithYourDoc.com not only helps clinicians respond faster and more efficiently to today’s often-overwhelming COVID-19 workload, but also helps support ongoing health and wellness,” said Wiener. “This is about much more than just talking with patients remotely. This innovative solution is keeping healthcare services flowing in a way that truly delivers excellent medical care, while maintaining vital revenue streams that healthcare organizations need to survive during this difficult time and beyond.”

*Source: AETOSWire

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