April 2020

Dubai tech firm offers free consultancy to SMEs to avoid data security breaches amidst the work-from-home scenario due to COVID outbreak Vision Tech Solutions DMCC puts forward proposal to prevent hackers from gaining access to valuable data during outbreak

Dubai tech firm offers free consultancy to SMEs to avoid data security breaches amidst the work-from-home scenario due to COVID outbreak

Dubai, April 01, 2020: As work-from-home strategies become mandatory to combat the spread of COVID-19, employers and businesses need to be even more vigilant than usual, from the perspective of reducing the risk of data breaches and cybersecurity threats, some of which specifically target remote access strategies.

To address these concerns, Dubai’s Vision Tech Solutions DMCC, who specialize in IT infrastructure and support, are offering a free technology solution consultancy to small and medium enterprises (SMEs), to enable them to move to remote working arrangements without compromising the security of their data and networks. Mr. Rajab Ali Virani, Managing Director of Vision Tech Solutions DMCC, says, “As the world goes into a lockdown mode to contain the pandemic, cybercriminals will not be curtailing their efforts to access valuable data during the outbreak. They will, in fact, take the advantage of the situation to launch malicious attacks, which can result in errors and outages”.

Customer-facing industries, such as airlines, hospitality and healthcare, are particularly in need of effective tech support and solutions. Educational institutions are another sizable sector that needs such support, to replace physical classrooms with online e-learning alternatives.

One of the other challenges of a work-from-home policy is that employees are not being able to connect to appropriate servers that boost their productivity. Vision Tech Solutions’ highly qualified management team and tech personnel have the expertise and experience to provide the requisite IT infrastructure and support that can resolve this issue efficiently, safely, and cost-effectively.

Mr. Virani, also believes that the tech sector needs to step in and proactively engage with businesses to limit the negative impact of disruption in standard operations. “Millions of workers are now signing in remotely to corporate networks and cloud-software programmes, which could easily open doors to malicious attack by hackers. We will provide free consultancy to SMEs and work closely with them to help connect employees working from home to access office servers remotely, through a firewall. This arrangement will ensure that data privacy and security of the company is not compromised. We will also offer our services to help schools run their e-learning programs and assist with deploying reliable remote access to servers, so people can work or learn at home seamlessly even during this crisis,” Mr. Virani explained.

The threat of hackers and malicious online actors, who can infect users with malware by duplicating coronavirus tracker-maps, has emerged as a significant risk to businesses. They are using these maps to spread malicious software and gather information on users, including their names, passwords, credit card details and other personal data.

“One of the primary reasons we are offering to manage all the IT systems for SMEs is to ensure that these businesses are protected from opportunistic hackers and malicious parties, particularly if they use a network that is not secured” said Mr. Virani. “The coronavirus contagion might be the key challenge right now, but a company’s data, privacy, and security cannot be compromised under any circumstances. Vision Tech Solutions DMCC assures businesses peace of mind, by ensuring they do not have to choose between productivity and security while working remotely.”

Mr. Virani’s proposal to provide free consultation follows a statement by the UAE Central Bank, announcing a stimulus package of AED 100 billion that will help boost SMEs, the banking sector, and the real estate industry during this crisis.

About Vision Tech Solutions DMCC

Established in 2010, Vision Tech Solutions DMCC has been committed to providing companies with specialized IT infrastructure and support over the past decade, enabling them to focus their time and resources on their core business objectives. Located in Dubai, U.A.E., the company provides bespoke IT solutions focused on improving the productivity of its customers. With a qualified and experienced technical and management team, whose collective experience in the IT industry spans several decades, Vision Tech Solutions prides itself on offering seamless and guaranteed support to its clients, while delivering innovative and world-class IT solutions and service. A strong research and development team working on futuristic technologies has contributed to the company’s success in providing leading edge technologies to its clients.

For further information, or to avail their special FREE consultation offer, please email support@visiontechsolutions.com or visit www.visiontechsolutions.com

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