April 2020

Grandiose supermarket promises same-day deliveryto ensure service continuity during mall closures

Grandiose supermarket promises same-day deliveryto ensure service continuity during mall closures

Dubai (23rd March 2020):As residents in the UAE turn to supermarkets for food and goods during the current challenging time, and with thecountry’s decisionto close all commercial centres and shopping malls along with fish, meat and vegetable markets for a period of two weeks, Grandiose Supermarket, the fast-growing supermarket chain has taken every precaution and implemented safeguarding measures to ensure the health and safety of its employees and customers.

In a responsive move to a surge in demand and to supportglobal stay-at-home advice, the eco-friendly chain has expanded its delivery-radius and strengthened its delivery offering to include more areas.The Marina Branch has prolonged its opening and delivery hours to ensure accessibility to customers 24-hours,7-days a week. Orders can be placed via phone calls, WhatsApp chat or using the community’s grocery delivery apps, relieving customers of the need to venture out of their homes unnecessarily.

With growing concerns surrounding the availability of sanitized, hygienic shopping destinations, Grandiose Supermarkets are carrying daily health checks of employees in every store. An extensive and thorough cleaning and sanitization protocol has been implemented, includingpre-opening sanitisation and routine disinfection every 45 minutes throughout the store’s opening hours. As part of Grandiose’s commitment to ensure safe social distance, the supermarket is minimizing crowds enabling customers to shop while staying at a safe distance from each other. This is a testament to the chain’s dedication in taking the utmost care of their employeesand customers.

In response to COVID-19 and as part of the brand’s values to protect the environment and boost shopper morale and feeling of security,Grandiose encouragescustomers tobring their own containers and shopping bags. The store also offers shoppers freesanitary gloves to push the trolleys, sanitizers, cleansing wipes and tissues,limiting their exposure to surfacesand ensuring their safety.

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