October 18, 2021

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Building sterilization and occupational safety programs for Dubai Customs inspectors

Dubai – 17 March 2020: Following the resolutions and guidelines of the Ministry of Health and Prevention, Dubai Customs took a number of precautionary and preventive procedures including sterilization of its customs centers and buildings. The occupational safety measures included suspending fingerprint attendance machines and activating the new attendance cards, a long with a number of other preventive measures to ensure safety of inspection officers during their interaction with the clients.

A number of initiatives have been organized in this regard including the Safe Customs Inspectors, which is a campaign to raise awareness around necessity to wear protective gear.

Inspection officers received occupational safety training, and the Environment, Health and Safety Section organized workshops to enlighten and teach about the best ways to prevent infectious diseases, especially during travel to other countries. Health awareness information has been circulated through different communication channels including the website and the SMS. In 2019, 7 training workshops were organized.

Inspection officers at Dubai Customs are trained to safely deal with the radiation and toxic gas detectors at the emirate’s entry points. They wear protective gear everytime they deal with radioactive shipments and use advanced technologies to detect, contain and control any hazards.

The personal radiation detector is a must for Dubai Customs inspection officers in all customs centers. It protects them from any radiation that they may be exposed to during their inspection work.