Le Burger Goes Green for St. Patrick’s Day

Le Burger Goes Green for St. Patrick’s Day

Dubai, UAE: Celebrating Ireland’s patron saint, the Austrian import, Le Burger, waves the Irish flag high. In addition to actually being ‘green’ through sustainable efforts, the brand is taking this to the colour of their buns, replacing regular brioche buns with bright emerald ones for the perfect festive feel.

Whether it’s a signature beef/chicken/vegan burger patty off the menu, or a wild ‘make your own’ combination, every burger will be layed on soft doughy green buns- and slathered with any sauce you like, just head down to the sauce station and go crazy with options like rosemary-orange mayo, mango curry, and the popular wasabi mayo that is sure to turn any Debbie Downer into a Grinning Green Goddess (also a good name for this liquid goodness).

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