Eltizam Asset Management Group appoints an ambassador for its new organization culture “Get Wonky”launched at 5th Annual Leadership Meeting 2020

Eltizam Asset Management Group appoints an ambassador for its new organization culture “Get Wonky”launched at 5th Annual Leadership Meeting 2020

15March 2020–Eltizam Asset Management Group, a leading physical asset management organization in the Middle East, has officially launched its new for organizational and business enhancement culture called Get Wonkyduring the company’s Annual Leadership Meeting 2020, which was hosted in partnership with Tamouh Investments. In line with Eltizam’s vision of doing things differently, Get Wonkyaims to further enhance Eltizam’scommitmentof ensuring customer happiness, inspiring employees to excel, achieving revenue growth, and reinforcing the brand’s corporate values to sustain positive business outcomes. It representsEltizam’s priority focus areas that are directly linked to its core corporate values.

Eltizam also took the opportunity to announce the appointment of the Get Wonky Ambassador, NourahShuaibi, who with her new team is tasked to promote and raise awareness on the new culture as well as oversee its implementation with emphasis on successful execution and significant positive results.

TheGet Wonkyprogram has six main pillars, includingTechnology, People Development, Corporate Social Responsibilities, Happiness, In-Country Value, and Vision 21.

Commenting on the new launch, Chris Roberts, CEO, Eltizam Asset Management Group, said: “Get Wonky comprises six pillars in which all our actions and business processes are anchored on as we continueto work towards building a stronger organization with a solid corporate culture. By incorporating and putting the six pillars into practice, we canoperate between regulatory and board parameters while being different from everybody else and staying true to our culture. The initial response has shown us thatGet Wonky is going to be easily recognizable by our current and future employees, clients, and customers. Further, we have initiated and developed the Get Wonky programbecause, at Eltizam, we recognize that long-term sustainable corporate success requiresfuture-proofing our business through a balanced approach. Through this approach, we ensurethat our operationsremain seamless and everyone connectedis happy and healthy.”

The first pillar, Technology, highlights the role of technology in delivering unprecedented change throughout global society for people and corporations alike.Eltizam remains focused on staying ahead of market trends and keeping pace with technological advancements by investing in and successfully implementing the latest industry technologies to ensure operations run smoother, faster andourcustomer base gets excellent service at the touch of a button.

It is within this pillar that Eltizam recently implemented the intelligent enterprise resource planning (ERP) system SAP S/4HANA. The move aimed to transform the company’s core operations such as finance, human resources and procurement with enhanced process automation, operational efficiency, and digitization.

The second pillar,‘People Development’,highlightsEltizam’sbelief that peopleare the most valuable assetto thebusiness, and focused our efforts on two key components, Professional Development and Wellbeing.

Under Professional Development, the company conducts and hosts international training at Get Wonky Academy, for qualification bodies including BICS, British Safety Council and RERA. The program also oversees executive education for high potential employees, through global executive education leaderssuch as INSEAD Business School. Activities under Wellbeing include providing wellness-related facilities for employees; planning and organizing sports activities for employees; sponsoring employee participation in selectsports events; rewarding employee achievements relatedto wellness, all aimed at promoting healthy lifestyles.

The third pillar, ‘Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)’, reflects the company’s proactive approach in relation to sustainable business practices, environmental protection, and social equity. Its two main causes for 2020 are elimination of single use plastic and supporting children’s education. The ‘Happiness’ pillar, meanwhile, underscores the significance Eltizam attaches to customerand employee satisfaction.

The ‘In Country Value’ pillar shows that Eltizam recognizes the priorities of the nation’s leaders in achieving a sustainable national workforce needed to support the country’s growing economy. Raising the awareness of local jobseekers about the company, ensuring that its supplychain includes local owned small and medium enterprises (SMEs), andincreasingSMEs’ share of service provision over timein the countries we operate, are key goals under this pillar.

Finally, the sixth pillar, ‘Vision 21’,isEltizam’s business transformation platform through which all transformation projects are planned and delivered in line with the core themes of Get Wonky.

Roberts concluded: “At Eltizam, we understand that without change there is no progress. Get Wonky will drive that change and ensure that we excel in how we do business,andcontinue to meet and exceed our business objectives while innovating and delivering both employee and customer happiness. This is the latest stage of our journey, and we look forward to monitoring the results as the program gets rolled out across the group.”

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