Express Auto Wash reinforces car sanitization services

Express Auto Wash reinforces car sanitization services

Express Auto Wash (EAW),a premium environment friendly automatic car wash facility located behind Mushrif Mall in Abu Dhabi enhances its car and AC cleaning services with bacteria removal through sanitizing and disinfecting using premium products to eliminate viruses and germs.

Germs fester in cars and we encourage cleaning personal and corporate thoroughly using our premium products from the USA as a clean car ensures you don’t carry germs top your home and office. It is essential to clean disinfect regularly the steering wheel, cup holders, seats, gear shits, air filters and radio dials.

The environment friendly facility allowsmultiple cars to be washed simultaneously saving your valuable time and ensures 95% of the water is recycled. Express Auto Wash has the most reliable and safest high-tech car wash systems with high-pressure undercarriage water nozzles that add to the efficiency of the washwhile the MN Tech 21 Turbo Drying System completes the drying process.

The fast and yet thorough clean saves customers valuable time that can be spent more productively at home and in the office.Auto Wash also offers touch free car wash for the more delicate and premium cars.

Extra Servicesinclude Mat-wash, Dashboard Polishing, interior and exterior car detailing, AC treatment as well as Bacteria and Odour removal in vehicles, for which a price list is posted on the EAW website.

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