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Oasis Malls continuously work to ensure a safe shopping environment The malls employ a host of preventative measures to stop the spread of the novel virus

Oasis Malls continuously work to ensure a safe shopping environment

Dubai, U.A.E – Amid recent developments of the novel Coronavirus disease (COVID -19) and the World Health Organization (WHO) declaring a state of emergency around the world, Oasis Malls is actively taking all precautionary and safety measures in line with the UAE Ministry of Health and the Dubai and Sharjah Health Authorities (DHA and SHA respectively), to limit its spread and ensure all Oasis Malls teams in the UAE are doing their part to limit the spread and to keep the public and employees safe.

After meeting with senior members from the Department of Tourism and the Department of Economic Development to discuss market issues and ways to combat the spread of the virus, an Oasis Mall spokesperson said: “As the heartbeat of the city, the wellbeing of all our staff, visitors and the public is of utmost importance and as such, we continue to urge all members of the public to adhere to the preventative methods set in place by the UAE government.”

As part of its preventative methods, Oasis Malls has put in a number of strict protocols such as

the increase in the Frequency of sanitizing the touchpoints – washrooms, information counters, escalators, elevators, handrails, to name a few, using government-approved products for sanitization/disinfection. The sanitization is being carried out on an hourly basis in low-risk areas and every 30 mins at high-risk areas respectively. All these have been employed alongside the Dubai Municipalities policies on maintaining the safety of the event and play areas:

  • Closure of all of the following areas, in accordance with all UAE governing bodies:
    • Amusement games such as children’s rides, climbing walls, slides, trampolines, swings, rides and devices, soft play areas, and 3D glasses and playing suites
    • Bodybuilding and fitness gyms
    • Cinemas
  • Increase the frequency of cleaning and disinfection of the following:
    • Children carts
    • Reception area
    • Washrooms
    • Elevator buttons and escalator/stair handrails
    • Door handles
  • Availability of hand sanitizers across the malls
  • Document all cleaning and disinfection operations including a list of used disinfectants

Additionally, thermal cameras will be shortly installed at the Mall entrances to ensure the wellbeing of mall visitors, tenants, and staff, whilst all cleaning and security crews are briefed daily on the latest updates on COVID -19 and the necessary preventive measures.

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