Akhbar Al Aan App Now on KaiOS Phones

Akhbar Al Aan App Now on KaiOS Phones

As part of its efforts to provide new and innovative solutions and keep abreast of the rapid digital transformation, Al Aan TV announced launching its ‘Akhbar Al Aan’ news application on all KaiOS phones. The initiative aims to counter the emerging digital divide between smartphone users and the rest of the audience.

The decision to offer the application on KaiOS phones together with smartphone operating systems around the world is a result of the escalating prices of smartphones and internet packages and the hardships faced by the most recent users of smartphones. Al Aan believes in everyone’s right to access the free, timely, accurate and reliable news wherever they are and whatever mobile device they may have.

Akhbar Al Aan KaiOS application offers the same content available on the official website, and it publishes the latest Arab and global developments across a variety of sections and categories including international politics, sports and other exciting and exclusive news.

The application, dedicated to handsets powered by KaiOS, enables users to play videos and feature reports locally and grants them seamless and direct access to the official Akhbar Al Aan website.

Commenting on the application’s launch on KaiOS phones, Solange El Rassi, Head Of Public Relations & Corporate Communications, Al Aan TV, said: “As we keep launching the most advanced forms of news products suitable for the latest smartphones, we did not wish to forget users who may have devices with lower capabilities. We wanted to contribute to bridging the digital divide, rather than widening it.”

The new app was developed by Al Aan’s InnovationDirector Alaa Khier who added: “In many developing countries, smartphone penetration levels are quite low. Figures like 10-20% are common. And then there are over 4 billion people who have no internet access. When they become connected, economical and highly capable KaiOS phones will be among their top choices. We wanted to be already there to welcome them when they join the connected world.”

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