Re:Set Dialogues host Panel Talk for Middle sex University Dubai Students to discuss Juggling Mental Health and University Life

Set Dialogues host Panel Talk for Middle sex University Dubai Students to discuss Juggling Mental Health and University Life

Dubai, UAE — On February 26th, online platform, Re:Set hosted a Dialogue for students at Middlesex University Dubai to discuss mental health and allow the students to openly discuss areas in their personal and academic lives that might be concerning them. The panel of experts included the founder of Re:Set, Aakanksha Tangri who moderated the discussion alongside clinical psychologist, Kim Henderson from the German Neuroscience Center Dubai as well as Middlesex University Dubai student, Noura Abouelrous and Senior Lecturer in Psychology at Middlesex University Dubai, Dr. Lynda Hyland. Together, the panel provided an interactive discussion on the importance of speaking about mental health and how to manage difficult moments that may arise for students whilst at university. The panel was then opened up to questions from the audience and through questions submitted via social media channels, in which the crowd talked candidly about their own experiences and insights on the topic of balancing school, health, and self-care.

Aakanksha Tangri, founder of Re:Set, said Re:Set Dialogues talked about the importance of students being able to open up about their mental health and learn ways to cope whilst at university.

“University life can be stressful, and whether you have been dealing with mental health challenges for a long period of time, they have been sparked by your time at university, or you are unsure on how to help a friend who might be suffering, the most important thing is to feel you are able to talk about it freely and without judgement. Hence, we at Re:Set look to create these ‘dialogues’ to provide that safe space and break the stigma around mental health in all forms,” Tangri said.

Speaking about the dialogue, Mariam Abonil, Lecturer and Head of the Taskforce for Happiness and Well-being at Middlesex University Dubai, said:

“It is important for educational institutions to encourage conversations around health and wellness. The Task Force on Happiness and Well-being at Middlesex University Dubai hopes to use dialogues such as these to engage the community in wellness topics and help spread necessary information through discussions and research.”

During the Re:Set Dialogue, many important topics and points of consideration were discussed amongst the panel and audience including the importance of finding someone you can trust to confide in, how to manage day-to-day and academic stress, and the challenges students and the youth face as they enter into a hyper-competitive world, which is often documented through the filtered world of social media.

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