The Debonairs Triple Decker® Challenge is Back

The Debonairs Triple Decker® Challenge is Back

Debonairs, being the largest franchise in Africa with over 700 stores, and the recipient of the Time Out Dubai award for “Best Fast Food Restaurant in Dubai Mall” is now back with something thrilling.

Are you ready for a treat that’s not only triple the taste but also triple the challenge? Debonairs is back with the ultimate pizza eating contest, a competition truly loved by the residents in the region.

The Debonairs Triple Decker® Challenge is back and it is ready for its pizza lovers to participate and tackle their cheesy layered Triple Decker® Pizza, one slice at a time. The competition will be held at their brand new Motor City Store, where the competition will be beyond thrilling amidst the roaring race cars.

The stakes are very high for this competition, as the winning participant will not only break the record set last year but will drive home with the fast and furious Formula DXB Experience.

So get ready and come prepared for a battle against the cheesiness of the Triple Decker® Pizzas only at Debonairs on March 7th, 2020.

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