February 2020

For the First Time in the UAE, Comprehensive Internationally Recognised Men’s Reproductive Health Offering Now Available 6 Days Per Week

For the First Time in the UAE, Comprehensive Internationally Recognised Men’s Reproductive Health Offering Now Available 6 Days Per Week

Dubai and Al Ain, United Arab Emirates,  (AETOSWire): Bourn Hall Fertility Clinic is making screening and treatments for male infertility more affordable and accessible in the UAE with a special package. For a limited time, men can benefit from advanced technology at affordable prices with this offer, which includes services that are not covered by most insurance plans. For the first time in the UAE, men will be able to avail of the expert services of surgeons and andrologists 6 days per week and not delay their plans for fatherhood.

Dr Qaisar Javed, a Urologist, Andrologist and Male Infertility Reproductive Surgeon at Bourn Hall Fertility Clinic, explained, “There are many myths about male infertility that need to be dispelled. It is now a treatable problem, even for men with no sperm count in ejaculation.”

With unparalleled knowledge of reproductive health, Bourn Hall Fertility Clinic offers a comprehensive range of treatments at branches in Al Ain and Dubai, including a variety of treatments for erectile dysfunction. The internationally trained team at Bourn Hall Fertility Clinic brings experience and skills from the US and can help men with prostrate health, diabetic male issues, couple’s therapy, obesity andrology assessment and urinary incontinence.

“Bourn Hall Fertility Clinic features state-of-the-art screening and therapeutic options for optimum male health. Our specialists provide confidentiality and a comfortable environment where men can discuss their health problems frankly,” Dr Javed added.

A former patient expressed his gratitude for everyone from the staff at reception to the doctor who performed his operation, praising the amazing team that offered him such good care and saying, “I’m really proud that we have a clinic with such quality service in the UAE. They provided me with ongoing support, lifting my spirits and encouraging me to believe in myself.

Another patient praised the quality of services from start to finish, describing the Clinic’s services as without equal in the Arab world. He said he had noticed the high standards at Bourn Hall from the moment he arrived at the Clinic. After his operation and the Clinic’s services surpassed his expectations, he said, “I am very thankful to the team at Bourn Hall for their hospitality and the excellent treatment. I am also grateful to Urologist Dr Qaisar Javed; the procedure was easy, I haven’t experienced any problems or pain after the operation, and the specialist provided continuous follow-up.”

Originally founded in 1980 by Professor Robert Edwards, the Nobel Prize-winning pioneer who was responsible for bringing the first IVF baby into the world, and Dr Patrick Steptoe, Bourn Hall Fertility Clinic offers customised fertility treatments and technical excellence in a supportive atmosphere. The only fertility clinic in the UAE to offer a 100% money back guarantee on IVF services, Bourn Hall also has leading success rates for IVF against international benchmarks.

Since July 2016, Bourn Hall Fertility Clinic in Dubai has been the first JCI-accredited fertility clinic in the Middle East, recognised for its patient safety, delivery of clinical care and overall patient support. The winner of the Middle East Healthcare Leadership Award 2019, Bourn Hall Fertility Clinic was also named Healthcare Company of the Year at the MEED Awards 2019.

*Source: AETOSWire

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