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Panasonic takes home cooking to new level with the launch of the NN-CD87 Healthy Air Frying Microwave Oven

Panasonic takes home cooking to new level with the launch of the NN-CD87 Healthy Air Frying Microwave Oven

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Panasonic Marketing Middle East and Africa (PMMAF) has announced the launch of its new flagship microwave oven model, the NN-CD87. Boasting unmatched multi-purpose functionality, the NN-CD87 combines convection, grill and combination microwave cooking along with aHealthy Air Frying technology, taking convenient cooking and healthy eating to the next level.

The NN-CD87’s intuitive ‘Healthy Air Frying’ Auto Menus allow users to enjoy guilt-free versions of popular deep-fried foods such as french fries and crispy chicken without the oil.Using its advanced powerful heating innovations, Panasonic eliminates the need for deep-frying yet still able to create food that is crispy on the outside, and moist and juicy inside. In addition, the NN-CD87 packs other top-notch features, most notably the Genius Sensor, which monitors steam levels to achieve optimal heating and cooking results without the guesswork. There is also the ‘One-Push Reheating’ button, which ensures reheating time is calculated accurately to prevent over or undercooking.This easy single step effectively eliminates the need for users to set the time after specifying the weight of the food.

With superior features that help nurture opportunities to create and enjoy wholesome home-cooked meals, the NN-CD87 is central to Panasonic’s Home-made Goodness philosophy, its newest kitchen concept aimed at celebrating the joy of fresh food and creating social experiences to remember. The Panasonic Home-made Goodness Appliance Range, inspired by timeless Japanese culture, cooking techniques and technologies where food is prepared from scratch, has been expertly designed and manufactured to enable cooks of any level to truly enjoy healthy cooking with ease.

Katsuki Nishimura – Manager, PMMAF, said, “The NN-CD87 Healthy Air Frying Microwave Oven is at the forefront of microwave oven technology with its versatility and state-of-the-art features. We have developed this model to cater to our consumers in the Middle East who haveidentified mindful eating as a top priority. This new microwave model also champions the philosophy behind our kitchen concept for this year. The Panasonic Home-made Goodness concept is all about helping our customers capture and enjoy the simple pleasures and spontaneous moments through home-cooked fares. We are confident that, with the appliance’s wide selection of cooking programs, the NN-CD87 is the ideal solution for busy families who seek to enjoy more home-cooked flavors without spending extra effort and time in the kitchen.”

Built with 1000W Inverter Technology, the NN-CD87 is able to generate a constant stream of power to deliver heat evenly from the edges to the center and across a wide range of cooking techniques. Combination cooking programs are also a big plus for the appliance. Advanced inverter control enables simultaneous use of two heat sources, guaranteeing faster and tastier results every time.

The microwave oven’s seven power levels, along with a wide selection of Auto cooking program options, also ensure that you have everything you need in one appliance to get the job done. For one, there is the ingenuous Re-Bake Bread Program, which has been developed with simultaneous microwave, grill and convection cooking functions. This allows users to heat bread moderately retaining the savory smell and the crispiness of the food’s outer layer.

On top of all these features, the NN-CD87 has a big capacity of 34L with a large interior. Ample space for 36cm wide dishes and food items mean one-pot wonders that you can take from the microwave straight to the dining table. It’s compact sophisticated design and sleek stainless-steel finish will blend in beautifully in any kitchen space, while ensuring no-sweat cleaning.

Meanwhile, energy-saving LED lighting inside the oven and on LCD display helps users to easily keep track of the cooking progress. The NN-CD87 is also built with Child Lock feature, making the appliance truly family-friendly.

The Panasonic NN-CD87 Healthy Air Frying Microwave Oven is now available in Panasonic Showrooms and through authorized retailers across the Middle East.

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