February 2020

FITLOV Launches ‘Habits that Shape You’ Campaign

FITLOV Launches ‘Habits that Shape You’ Campaign

When it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and consistent exercise regime, routine is everything. With willpower, motivation and good habits, the possibilities are endless. Being dedicated to a healthy lifestyle,which you treat as an ongoing commitment can pay limitless dividends when it comes to your health, fitness levels and lifestyle.

FITLOV is a new fitness platform that offers qualified personal trainers to your doorstep. They believe that everyone deserves personalized guidance and instructions when it comes to fitness and health, and as such, offer multiple packages that cater to all fitness levels. Their team of exceptional qualified trainers are on hand to help, inspire and supervise all FITLOV members and whether you are a fan of kickboxing through to yoga, there is a discipline for everyone.

If you are looking at achieving your fitness goals in 2020 but need some extra support, FITLOV are here with an inspiring new campaign to help create ‘Habits that Shape You’. The campaign aims to inspire users to enjoy their own body transformation and looks at three key factors when it comes to fitness goals; Literally, Seriously and Finally.

Having a likeminded support system around you is imperative to keeping you on track and achieving your goals and FITLOV will be your biggest cheerleaders, cheering you on every step of the way.

If you are prepared to embody hard-work and consistency, and are ready for a true body transformation journey, you can sign up for the ‘Habits that Shape You’ campaign and enjoy working alongside the FITLOV community to inspire, motivate and encourage each other.

As part of your fitness journey, the FITLOV team will encourage you to document your progress in the form of before and after images, allowing you to track your progress and be proud of the results. The campaign will showcase real people and real results.

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