February 2020

NEXtCARE, the Region’s Leading Third-Party Administrator Launches Telehealth Service With Health at Hand Service will be available to all corporate and individual plans in Dubai and Northern Emirates on NEXtCARE’s GN and GN+ networks

NEXtCARE, the Region’s Leading Third-Party Administrator Launches Telehealth Service With Health at Hand

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, (AETOSWire): Health at Hand, one of the Middle East’s most advanced telehealth providers, has launched its services with NEXtCARE. In a bid to improve access to care for NEXtCARE members, Health at Hand has developed a software solution (SDK) to provide members access to a doctor through video consultation from anywhere in the world with no co-pay. Those using the service in Dubai will also be able to get their prescription medicine delivered to them within 60 minutes, or have lab test requests issued through the app. Members can now take advantage of this service through the new and improved MyNEXtCARE app, or Portal.

NEXtCARE is expanding its focus to incorporate e-health to provide service excellence through digital and data-driven technology, systems and tools, as well as cost-efficient online solutions that help create a new way of working and speeding up the traditional processes.

NEXtCARE sustains a customer-oriented approach, keeping the e-health experience a core focus to better serve partners, members and providers through a seamless digital healthcare journey at every touch point.

Chairman of the Executive Committee, CEO of Allianz Partners MEA & NEXtCARE, Global Head of TPA & MPM, Christian Gregorowicz, commented, “With the growing demand from customers to have a more convenient, technology-led solution, we are thrilled to integrate this interactive touchpoint solution within our MyNEXtCARE app. This will for sure enhance the patient experience and support the continuum of care.”

Health at Hand’s Founder and CEO, Charlie Barlow added, “Health at Hand is proud to be partnering with NEXtCARE and to be delivering on HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s 50 Year Charter, which at the heart of it promises a ‘doctor for every citizen’. Our award winning technology, coupled with NEXtCARE’s regional experience and patient-centric approach is sure to be a winning combination”

*Source: AETOSWire

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