February 2020

NEC and Blue Ocean Global arrange a Successful Partners’ meet

NEC and Blue Ocean Global arrange a Successful Partners’ meet

Date: Dubai, UAE, February 9, 2020

Blue Ocean Global, a Dubai-based master distributor oftelecommunication Productsconsumer electronics, Small domestic appliances, as well as fashion accessories, conducted a well-attended partners’ meet in Abu Dhabi for its partners along with NEC Corporation, a leader in the integration of IT and network technologies.

Senior officials from both Blue Ocean Global and NEC were present at the event that took place on 23rd of January 2020,at Crowne Plaza, Abu Dhabi.

The event was attended by key partners of Blue Ocean Global and NEC. A number of partners led interesting discussions at this event, which was mainly focused on topics on SL2100/SV 9100 and introducing partners programme for the communication system of NEC.

MrShahzad Ahmed, Chairman and CEO of Blue Ocean Global Group, said, “Despite challenging economicconditions in different parts of the world, both Blue Ocean Global and NEC are penetrating deeper into the market.”

“Through this exceptionally unique partners’ meet, the attendees got to discuss about latest challenges and solutions which will help us to understand the future of Telecom market of this region.” said MrRohitSavara, Chief Sales Officer of Blue Ocean Global.

In today’s economy, making right investment decisions is the most crucial aspect for both resellers and the brands. It takes years to build a reputation in the Gulf market for a distributor and to make reliable partners.

Blue Ocean Global, being only 7 years in this field, has made incredible mark with their unique corporatephilosophy andqualityof International Brands.

With a network of about 300system integrators, Blue Ocean Group was appointed by NEC Corporation, as its Master Distributor for SMB communications solutions in the UAE, last year.

Blue Ocean Group exports and promotes products in over 40 countries with a team of professional people. The company distributes Telecom, Consumer electronics, and household appliances through a network of more than 100 Partners in the region. The company’s network of distribution exceeds 400 retail chains across the country.

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