February 2020

Brighten your everyday with the ‘Rays of Light’ Collection by Lynor Jewelry

Brighten your everyday with the ‘Rays of Light’ Collection by Lynor Jewelry

Lynor Jewelry have launched their debut “Rays of Light” collection as a celebration of new beginnings. Using the sun as a symbol of hope, optimism and positivity, this collectionconsists of intricate and unique jewelry to enlighten the souls of their owners. These beautiful, everyday pieces have been crafted to represent the message of hope, joy, adventure and individuality. Derived from ‘Eleonor’ meaning ‘light’, each piece of this collection has been creatively formed to reflect the very nature of the brand.

Founder, Edward Kandaleft, has designed this collection to compliment the everyday outfit with a message of happiness and hope. Edward has combinedthe significant symbol of the sun with the modern woman in mind, to form an enlightening collection which represents Lynor’s vision to create carefree yet purposeful, laid-back yet elegant and timeless yet meaningful pieces to last a lifetime.

Crafted in the UAE, this collection holds the quality and durability to survive the wear and tear of busy schedules. Each piece is formed with the best materials including gold, diamonds, pearls, precious and semi-precious stones.From bracelets and rings to earrings and necklaces, these items are easy to order and can be delivered straight to your door!

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