February 2020

How students can best navigate their school career using the tools offered by institutions

How students can best navigate their school career using the tools offered by institutions

Educators today know how important it is to ensure students are well-rounded and provided with holistic development alongside a robust education. Schools are working toward introducing activities around well-being and STEAM in order to facilitate an inclusive education that equips children with 21st century skills. For students, it’s a great opportunity to take advantage of the various tools offered by their schools to experiment, learn and work on their personal development. Here are some ways students can make the most of their time in school.

Get support

If your school has a dedicated school counselor, consider yourself lucky. A counselor can help you navigate a myriad of issues including peer pressure, bullying, academics, well-being and challenges outside of school. Some counselors also work in collaboration with mental health professionals outside the school to provide a more robust support system. You might find it hard to speak to an adult, but remember counselors are there to support and help you. They can also help you speak to your parents if you’re having trouble. If your school doesn’t have a counselor, ask them who can help you with certain issues you may be facing.

Extra-curricular activities

From drama groups to sports and coding, try diverse activities, as you never know what will pique your interest. If you’re having trouble in a certain subject, enrol in any study groups or ask your teacher for office hours where you can get the support you need. If you’ve wanted to put your creative skills to use, look for school clubs where you can hone your talent. After school clubs are also a great way to pick up new skills. Plus, it looks great on your resume when you apply to college!

Focus on your well-being

There has been an increased focus on student well-being in schools, and rightfully so. A majority of the schools now have well-being workshops and activities, meditation rooms, and time set aside for students to focus on their mental health. It’s highly recommended students attend these which will give you a much needed break from the hustle and Re:Set your mental health. You’ll be better able to apply yourself in all aspects if you’re destressed!

Give back and learn more

Volunteer at school events, join peer-to-peer support groups and mentor those younger than you. You’ll help foster an inclusive environment, learn from others and imbibe diverse viewpoints and learn empathy — all necessary life skills in an increasingly global world. It’ll teach you teamwork, patience and you’ll even make new friends!

Being in school and being a teenager can get overwhelming as you go through a variety of changes. However, prioritizing your needs, setting boundaries and reaching out when you need support can help you navigate the various challenges that come your way and can make your school experience happier.

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