February 2020

Fidu Properties reinforces aggressive growth plans amidst strong growth potential in UAE

Fidu Properties reinforces aggressive growth plans amidst strong growth potential in UAE

Dubai, February 09 2020: Fidu Properties, one of the leading Chinese companies in the UAE property market, has reinforced its commitment to the UAE’s real estate sector by unveiling aggressive growth plans including new offices and a future-ready strategy that rides on its phenomenal growth in rental deals and increase in sales & revenue over the past year.

The company, which aims to further expand its footprint in Dubai with a third office opening shortly, recently marked its two years in the UAEwith a 172% spurt in real estate deals closed during 2019 as compared to 2018. The company, which has previously focused its strategy around individual growth, has reiterated that success revolves around creating and transforming individuals into being the best, rather than hiring the best to increase the company identity, as part of its future roadmap.

Mr. Nazish Khan, Chief Operating Officer of Fidu Properties, said: “Fidu Properties is on expansion mode, which reflects our commitment to Dubai, the UAE and the region. The company strong growth is testimony of its concerted efforts and streamlined operations, coupled with the increased attraction of the UAE as a beacon of business and innovation. ”

In order to be ‘future-ready’ or aware, it is important to understand that the companyconsists of individual components and personalities, said Mr. Khan, adding, “Investing in each component and personality is what will make the company greater than expected. Acknowledgment the presence of the tech era all around us, digital marketing is a field that gaining great momentum as time passes, while simultaneously guaranteeing a successful result. It is important to eradicate and move over from the orthodox techniques and patterns that were followed, as time has also provided a shift in audience. Millennialism has proved to be a huge factor in influencing and getting influenced. ”

Talking about the sector, Mr. Khan stated: “90% of real estate companies are boutiques. So are we at present. But our plan is to focus on the fundamentals of running a corporate company while primarily giving importance to our agents. Majority of companies are built by individuals, we are a company which will build individuals. Fidu will be a company that creates brokers rather than brokers creating a company in Dubai. ”

He further re-emphasized the importance of having a brand awareness, acknowledgment and identity in order to be one such corporate company.

Fidu aims to fulfill and go by aggressive expansion strategies in order to meet their yearly target for 2020. Application-based services, modern technology facilitation and encouraged training sessions are all part of the long term plan.

The company firmly believes that the future of real estate is promising due to the upcoming Expo 2020. The Expo will be proving benchmark to a new generation of investments and expatriates who’d be ready to invest in the country. Dubai, being a land of opportunities, will only be opening and building furthermore roads to meet the supply-demand relation, he summed up.

The company has also announced plans to expand its presence in the international markets and has conducted several international roadshows across the globe.

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