February 2020

Celebrate La Chandeleur at carine

Celebrate La Chandeleur at carine

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, January 2020 –Chic French Mediterranean restaurant carine this January and February comme morates La Chandeleur, an annual French holiday traditionally observed on February 2nd.

On Friday 31st January and Saturday 1st February and the weekend of7th and 8thof February, the charming venue is set to host a live crêpe cooking station for breakfast dedicated to serving the delectable sweet treats with an array of toppings to choose from.

If you are looking to enjoy a thin pancake treat after breakfast hours, then carine will also be serving crêpes as a Dessert Special during lunch and dinner from 31st January to the 8th February.Guests are spoilt for choice with topping sranging from Nutella, Pistachio and Salted Caramel amongst other flavours for those with a sweet tooth. There is also a choice of fresh fruits for those looking for a healthier option – perfect for families to share and indulge in.

From high-quality ingredients sourced directly from the Mediterranean to the warm, welcoming atmosphere and accommodating service offered by carine’s team,La Chandeleur will ensure a truly special experience.

La Chandeleur is a holiday revolving around the crêpe—the round shape represents the sun and the circle of life, while the act of eating and sharing with others commemorates a historical tradition sharing food with those in need every year on February 2.

What: La Chandeleur

When: 31st January– 8th February 2020 (live cooking station over weekend breakfast)

Where:carine, Emirates Golf Club

Offer:Live crêpe Cooking Station and ‘Dessert Special’ for Lunch and Dinner

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