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January 2020

Eolisair, the Middle East leading company in Indoor Air Quality to participate at Arab Health 2020 to target Hospitals & Clinics

Eolisair, the Middle East leading company in Indoor Air Quality to participate at Arab Health 2020 to target Hospitals & Clinics
  • Eolis Air Manager: An Innovative device to support patients suffering from respiratory problems
  • First appearance as an exhibitor (French pavilion, booth Z2F03, Za’abeel Hall 2)

United Arab Emirates; Dubai, January 21, 2020: EOLISAIR, Middle East leader in indoor air quality treatment (IAQ), will be exhibiting at Arab Health Medical Exhibition Dubai 2020, from January 27th to 30th 2020, on the French pavilion, at booth Z2F03, Za’abeel Hall 2, Dubai World Trade Center. 

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With the patient acuity on the rise and many hospitals trying to extend the life of aging facilities through renovations and expansions has made the risk of infection caused by the health care environment, it became an increasing concern for infection control professionals. Studies at the British University in Dubai, have shown that the effects of poor IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) in hospitals precisely, may lead to serious health issues, such as:

  • Lung cancer
  • Mesothelioma
  • Legionnaire’s disease
  • Respiratory effects
  • Ventilator-associated pneumonia
  • Cardiovascular effects

Mainly, hospital-acquired infection (HAI) related pollutants, bacteria, microorganisms and viruses, are the main reflex of causing those risks. The Eolis Air Manager includes Antibacterial and Antivirucidal pre filters, in addition to HEPA or ULPA medical filters, which were especially designed to eliminate all types of the (HAI) causing bacteria, microorganisms and viruses.

“Our strategy over the next 5 years is to keep our efforts spreading awareness about indoor air quality. Indeed, we are planning to open new branches in the Middle East in order to continue to help professionals in all sectors, to provide an excellent indoor air quality.”, Ludovic Labidurie, Managing Director, Eolisair, commented.

The Eolis Air Manager device succeeded to proof its efficiency, according to the testimony of major health care institutions professionals in the UAE, as well as Eolisair users who were suffering from respiratory issues.

Dr. Ravi Gutta, the American board certified consultant, allergy and immunology chief at Mediclinic city hospital at DHCC in Dubai, says: “ I’ve been recommending Eolis Air Manager to many of my patients as it has been certified and tested by air quality and air purifier certification laboratories and government bodies across the European Union”.

Atheel Abduallah, a 47 years old patient who’s suffering from allergy since early age, explains the results after choosing the Eolis Air Manager: “ Thankfully, I got to know Eolis Air Manager after consulting my doctor, which came with the highest results of indoor air quality that solved all my allergic related drawbacks. Now, I able to breathe easier, whether at home or in the office, and eventually, I can sleep peacefully at night.“

About Eolisair
Eolisair is a French company based in Dubai Science Park, which provides the most advanced innovative and professional Air Purifier technology tailored to all healthcare, hospitality, offices and educational sectors. This devoted professional company, has the aim of constantly working on the innovative solutions to effectively combat all indoor air pollution issues, and to provide their users with high-quality air to protect their health.

Eolisair is the NateoSante’s subsidiary for the Middle East Region. NateoSante is the French/Europeen specialist in indoor air quality since 2007, dedicated to professional environments.

Eolis Air Manager : the first professional air purifier (the product)
The Eolis Air Manager which is a joint R&D effort in partnership with AIRBUS Group, is by far, the most professional air purifier to be produced in the world (according to the Clean Middle East Magazine, issue 09/2019). The advanced technology and unique anti-bacterial and anti-virucidal filtration systems, consists of 5 different filters, eliminates all types of air pollutants including viruses, bacteria, mould, dust mites,  particulate matter as well as all types of VOCs, has made the Eolis Air Manager ascend the scale of accuracy and efficiency for Indoor Air Quality treatment.

Who is mainly concerned by Eolis Air Manager healthcare treatment?
As the French experts of EOLISAIR succeeded to accomplish critical treatment for Indoor air quality issues, it based on the concerns and studies of the worldwide leading health care organizations and the risk factors surrounding the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). As a result, they improved specific solutions for the healthcare institutions such as hospitals, clinics, and patients suffering from respiratory allergies and diseases. (asthma, COPD, occupational lung diseases and pulmonary hypertension).

Eolisair changing the future of IAQ in the UAE and the Middle East.
Speaking on behalf of the company, Ludovic Labidurie, CEO of Eolisair commented, “We look forward to exhibiting our products at The Arab Health Dubai 2020 and to further educate the market around UAE and the Middle East, about the quality of air and how it can affect daily lives. Thanks to Dubai Municipality and their research, we have clear guidelines on what the air quality requirements are and we will be showcasing how it can be achieved with our products”.

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