December 2019

Young Emiratis Introduce French Street-Style Hype to Dubai

Young Emiratis Introduce French Street-Style Hype to Dubai

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, (AETOSWire): Three young Emiratis, in their early twenty’s, inspired themselves through western fashion and set the trend in Dubai’s current shopping spree. The three youngsters, had the chance to explore modern trends throughout the west having wandered across the streets of several European Fashion Capitals, such as Milan, Paris and London. The urban experience led them into the exploring of a wide variety of lifestyles, encouraging them to introduce westernized tastes into their own city, Dubai.

Young Emiratis Introduce French Street-Style Hype to Dubai

During the course of their journey a brand named ProjectxParis, that combined urban lifestyle with current trends had specifically seized their interest. Having hunting the brand since its first release in 2015, they realized major success through the European region. The brand, influenced by street aesthetics and sporty lifestyle, has developed a collection of timeless pieces that were original, unique and easy to wear.  Their collection ensured high quality, contemporary style and authenticity in both Men and Women clothing. As a result, ProjectxParis became a worldwide brand embodying several aspects of the Hip-Hop and Sport Culture. The brand collaborated with French and International artists such as Chris Brown, French Montana, Post Malone and Akon, As well as world-class football players such as Neymar and David Luiz. ProjectxParis now Manages twelve retail stores throughout France with several worldwide Campaigns ranging from Dubai to Los Angles.

Following their passion towards the brand, they decided to move the French hype into their own city, Dubai. They opened their first store “ProjectxParis Dubai” on 02/11/2019 in “The Dubai Mall Zabeel Expansion” and also launched their own online store . The store was welcomed to Dubai in a very fashionable manner involving a DJ who set the tunes of the night, welcoming HH Sheikh Saeed Bin Mohammed Bin Khalifa Al Maktoum to cut the ribbons of the shop open. Several Celebrities were also welcomed such as the famous social media influencer Mohammed Al Baloushi (wannisni) and the Famous music artist Fayez Al Saeed who both stated that the designs were extraordinary and had also bought several pieces themselves. The opening had also conquered several social media platforms across the region. The shop had introduced urban contemporary street wear to the region for the first time and is looking to broaden the western fashion into the area.

*Source: AETOSWire

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