November 2019

Yalla Baby Box’s competitive prices promise to save new parents both time and money

  • The new monthly baby essentials subscription website has tailored its prices to be more affordable than its major competitors in the UAE

4 November 2019, Dubai – Babies can be as expensive as adorable, and Yalla Baby Box is here to make parenting more affordable in the UAE.

The newly-launched baby box subscription website offers a diverse range of options, customization features, and thoughtful bonuses to make a new mother’s shopping experience seamless from start to finish.

Baby boxes for all tastes and budgets

Parents can choose from three recommended boxes priced between AED 250 to AED 400 each (prices are set based on the brands, contents, and size of the box). For those that would rather customize their own box, parents can cherry-pick products suited to their baby’s comfort, preferred brands, and budget. These options, and Yalla Baby Box’s assortment of diverse brands, officially make it more cost-effective than its competitors.

“The experience now is more flexible than ever. We have adapted our options and prices in response to the feedback we have received from our mums”, says Francisco Pellegrini, co-founder and CEO of Yalla Baby Box.

Yalla Baby Box’s website is now smoother than ever

To keep its customers’ shopping experience smoother than a baby’s bottom, the website will now feature baby box promotions and select products. Mothers can then take a sneak peak of the prices to save time.

Yalla Baby Box is a gift that keeps on giving. In addition to its wallet-friendly prices, first-time shoppers enjoy a 20% discount on their first baby box. Regular subscribers will also receive special discounts.

About: Yalla Baby Box is a flexible, monthly subscription box for all essential baby needs ranging from diapers and wipes to toys, baby care products and formula. In addition to these necessities, Yalla Baby Box drops in surprise treats for parents and their baby every month. It also has specialist doctors, pediatricians and psychologists on hand to chat and provide basic support to parents 24/7.

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