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November 2019

Precious Paws offers pet boarding and daycare facilities to offer supreme quality care for pets  

Precious Paws offers pet boarding and daycare facilities to offer supreme quality care for pets  

19th September 2019, Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Precious Paws, an award-winning Thai spa themed pet boutique offers exclusive pet boarding, day and night care facilities for pets in order to engage the furry animals and hone their social skills with other pets.  Pet owners can leave their furry friends in the daycare spa for more than a day allowing the pet owners to freely plan longer vacations and stays. This facility also gives the owners the flexibility of working late hours while their pets are left at the spa.

According to a recent research, 99% of pet owners do not enjoy keeping their pets in kennels or shelters when they leave for long trips as these temporary spaces can get congested making the pets feel uncomfortable in the long run. Consecutively, in a survey conducted by, more people are adopting pets where cat owners have increased by 6% while dog owners have increased by 8% leading to a total of more than 1.3 million pet owners in the UAE.

Leaving the pets alone all day can make them less active leading to an unhealthy lifestyle. On the other hand, pet care facilities will enable them to closely interact with other pets, eventually developing a set routine. This will also allow pets to remain active throughout the day and not miss their owners affecting their daily routine and mood.

Apart from the daycare and overnight stay facilities, Precious Paws also provides a range of food, treats, toys and accessories at their stores located in Oud Metha and Business Bay, Dubai. Commenting on the introduction of these daycare facilities, Hitesh Thawani, Managing Director, Precious Paws says “We are a research led pet spa where we believe in adopting the right technique and processes in order to keep the pets healthy and happy. Our pet boarding and daycare facilities can certainly take off some pressure from the pet owners especially when they are planning for long trips. We see a lot of demand for pet day and night care facilities in the UAE especially in the summer months. At Precious Paws, we strive to offer supreme quality pet care and provide a homelike environment for them.” Since its inception, Precious Paws Pet Spa has been research led organization in order to discover the right knowledge and equipment for animal massages, treatments, food, and much more.

About Precious Paws

Precious Paws is an Award-Winning Thai Spa Themed Pet Boutique located in Business Bay and Oud Metha. The pet spa offers unique and exclusive pet facilities including mobile grooming, day and night care facilities, and a range of organic products exported from US, New Zealand, the UK, Australia and all over the world.

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